Monopoly Go Today’s Event Schedule & Boost Times (May 30, 2024)

Welcome to our detailed guide on all currently active events in Monopoly GO, updated daily for your convenience. Monopoly GO features a variety of daily and weekly events that offer players numerous in-game rewards, including Cash, Sticker Packs, and free Dice rolls. Knowing when these events start is crucial for maximizing your progress in the game. If you’re aiming to become a billionaire tycoon, consider bookmarking this page for future reference. Here’s today’s schedule of Monopoly GO events:

All Monopoly GO Today’s Event Schedule And Boost Times  – May 30, 2024

Monopoly GO events can be categorized into Tournaments and Special Events. Tournaments are time-limited events lasting between 1 and 3 days, where players must earn points to reach milestones and unlock rewards. Special Events, typically lasting an hour, consist of mini-games and boosts to aid in your game progression.

Here Is the Full List Of Tournaments And Special Events For Today:


  • Memorial Marathon – 48-hour event starting 11 AM (May 27th)
  • Patriotic Parade – 24-hour event starting 4 PM (May 27th)

Special Events

Special Event Time Duration
Wheel Boost 3 AM – 9 AM EST 30 Minutes
Mega Heist 9 AM – 12 AM EST 1 Hour
Rent Frenzy 12 AM – 3 PM EST 30 Minutes
Free Parking 3 PM – 12 PM EST 45 Minutes

Monopoly GO Special Events Explained

Special Events in Monopoly GO are limited-time mini-games and boosts designed to help you progress through the game more quickly and efficiently. These events add a fun and dynamic element to the gameplay, offering unique challenges and rewards. Here is a detailed explanation of each Special Event:

Wheel Boost

During the Wheel Boost Special Event, players receive an extra Wheel spin when they complete a color set. This extra spin can result in various in-game rewards, such as Cash, Stickers, or Dice rolls, helping you advance in the game.

Rent Frenzy

The Rent Frenzy Special Event increases the number of rent targets available on the board. This means you’ll have more opportunities to collect rent from other players, increasing your income and strengthening your position in the game.

Free Parking

In the Free Parking Special Event, parking signs appear on random tiles on the game board. Landing on these tiles accumulates rewards, which can only be claimed after landing on the Free Parking tile. This event adds an element of chance and strategy to the game, as players must decide when to aim for Free Parking to collect their accumulated rewards.

High Roller

During the High Roller Special Event, players receive an increased Dice multiplier at the cost of using more Dice. This event allows you to move around the board more quickly, potentially landing on more valuable properties and earning more rewards.

Mega Heist

The Mega Heist Special Event offers increased rewards from Bank Heists. This event encourages players to participate in Bank Heists to earn more Cash and other rewards, adding an element of excitement and competition to the game.

Cash Grab

During the Cash Grab Special Event, landing on the Chance tile triggers a mini-game where players can earn additional money. This event adds a fun and interactive element to the game, giving players a chance to increase their wealth and progress faster.

Sticker Boom

In the Sticker Boom Special Event, players receive 50% more stickers from opening Sticker Packs. This event helps players complete their sticker collections more quickly, unlocking valuable rewards and achievements.

Board Rush

During the Board Rush Special Event, players receive an increased amount of rewards for completing an entire board. This event encourages players to focus on completing boards, rewarding them with extra Cash, wild Stickers, and other valuable items.

Cash Boost

The Cash Boost Special Event offers players an increased amount of Cash from various sources, including Bank Heists and Shutdowns. This event helps players accumulate wealth more quickly, allowing them to purchase properties and upgrade their assets faster.

Landmark Rush

During the Landmark Rush Special Event, players receive increased rewards for completing landmarks. This event encourages players to focus on completing landmark sets, which can unlock valuable bonuses and rewards.

Golden Blitz

The Golden Blitz Special Event allows players to trade their golden stickers with each other. This event promotes cooperation and interaction among players, allowing them to complete their sticker collections more efficiently.

Participating in these Special Events and making full use of the temporary boosts they provide is one of the best ways to progress through Monopoly GO quickly and efficiently. Keep an eye on the event schedule and plan your gameplay accordingly to maximize your rewards and become a successful tycoon in Monopoly GO!

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