Monopoly Go! Wild Stickers And How To Get Them?

The Wild Sticke­r, an uncommon card in Monopoly, gives the holder the­ power to select any abse­nt sticker. This helps to complete­ a sticker collection in the album. It is se­en as a significantly useful resource­ in the Monopoly Go game.

However, there’s no need to worry about obtaining wild stickers with new features. Read on or use this guide as your answer key!

While there are many ways to collect stickers, some are quite difficult to get. Fortunately though this might change soon since Wild Stickers have been introduced which makes it much easier for one to get hold of even the most elusive ones out there. If you would like a detailed explanation about what they do within the game then please take some time out and have look through here.

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What Are Wild Stickers Exactly

Monopoly GO WILD STICKERS are spe­cial items you can collect. They le­t you choose any sticker you don’t have ye­t to fill in your album. You can get all types of these­ stickers as you play the game.

When you collect sticker albums, there’ll be times where your pack is short by one or two stickers to complete a set. It should be too hard for you to sit around waiting on them. Wild stickers let you convert the stickers you need; thus, enabling quick completion multipler album sets.

Tip: The most significant thing about Wild Stickers is that they give players the freedom to choose any sticker. Note, however, that duplicates are nonredeemable, and when short of Gold Stickers, a player could go for Gold among other players.

How to Get Wild Stickers In Monopoly Go?

The only way to get Wild Stickers is through participation in events that are offered for a limited time only. The most common types of these events include tournaments and milestone events.Players should take advantage of such events as much as possible since they can earn lots of valuable rewards like cash, dice rolls, and even wild stickers. They might be difficult to come by because of their high rarity level, but it’s not something players should miss out on.

You can also buy sticker libraries with stars or a Pink Vault that was previously available but now has been replaced by a Gold Vault containing wild stickers.

Also, pay attention to the Sticker Boom event and watch for sticker packs that are exclusive to this event. There will be different kinds of stickers you need for your collection completion unique to in-game money or even gold stickers. These events can give you a significant advantage in the game, so don’t let them pass you by if they happen again.

You will be required to use up your Wild Sticker right away when you get it. You have total freedom when choosing any sticker; however, a 5-star or gold one would be best because they are so rare in this game world alternatively select their final missing sticker to finish the album off also works.

How To Use Wild Stickers?

Once you have received Wild Stickers, all the missing stickers from your present album will be displayed in a tabulated form then simply choose any missing sticker you want from any album. But remember not to choose duplicate stickers again since after choosing them once, you can’t change your mind on them.


In the e­nd, wild stickers are unusual collector’s ite­ms, hence gamers ought to join short-pe­riod contests to possibly win them. Also, kee­p in mind to consistently log in to Monopoly, which allows you to earn gratis stickers, dice­, and more prizes. I trust this post gave you value­ and increased your understanding about wild sticke­rs. For any further details, fee­l free to comment be­low. Appreciate it!

Monopoly Go Wild Stickers FAQs

What are Wild Stickers in Monopoly GO?

Wild Stickers in Monopoly GO are special items that can be used to complete any missing sticker in your collection. They act as a versatile tool, allowing players to fill in gaps and complete sets more easily.

How can I obtain Wild Stickers in Monopoly GO?

Wild Stickers can be obtained through various in-game activities, including participating in special events, completing challenges, opening sticker packs, and sometimes as rewards for reaching certain milestones in the game.

Can Wild Stickers be used for any collection in Monopoly GO?

Yes, Wild Stickers can be used to complete any collection in Monopoly GO. This flexibility makes them highly valuable, as they can help players finish difficult-to-complete sets and earn the associated rewards.

Are there any limitations on using Wild Stickers in Monopoly GO?

Typically, there are no limitations on using Wild Stickers, but it's important to use them strategically. Since they are relatively rare, it's best to save them for completing collections that are particularly challenging or for which you are missing only a few stickers.

Can I trade Wild Stickers with other players in Monopoly GO?

As of the current game version, Wild Stickers are generally not tradable. They are intended for personal use to help players complete their own collections. However, keeping up with game updates is advisable, as features and rules can change.