Monopoly Go: All Firework Fortunes Rewards And Milestones (4 July, 2024)

Monopoly Go is back with an exciting solo event, Firework Fortunes, set to ignite the gaming world on June 29, 2024, at 18:30:00. Players will have the chance to roll the dice and collect a plethora of rewards as they progress through various milestones. This event promises to add a spark of joy and excitement to your Monopoly Go experience, so get ready to dive in and start collecting!

In the Firework Fortunes event, players can earn a wide range of rewards by completing different milestones. The rewards include dice rolls, pickaxe tokens, and sticker packs of varying star ratings. These rewards will help players advance in the game, providing both practical benefits and collectible items. Whether you are aiming to boost your gameplay or complete your sticker collection, the Firework Fortunes event has something for everyone.

Monopoly Go: All Firework Fortunes Rewards And Milestones

The Firework Fortunes event is set to go live on July 4 at 20:30:00 EST and will run for 3 days. During this limited-time event, players have the opportunity to grab a total of 18,300 dice rolls, 163 pickaxe tokens, and several sticker packs of different star ratings. Here’s a breakdown of all the rewards available in this event.

Milestone Points Rewards
1 5 pickaxe tokens x3
2 10 dice rolls x30
3 15 Cash
4 45 pickaxe tokens x5
5 20 Sticker Pack (1 Star)
6 25 dice rolls x50
7 35 pickaxe tokens x4
8 145 dice rolls x220
9 35 pickaxe tokens X 4
10 40 Sticker Pack (2 Star) X 3
11 45 pickaxe tokens x5
12 350 dice rolls x400
13 45 Bank Heist 25 minutes
14 60 pickaxe tokens x7
15 70 Sticker Pack (2 Stars) X 3
16 500 dice rolls x500
17 70 pickaxe tokens x8
18 85 Sticker Pack (3 Star) X 3
19 100 pickaxe tokens X 10
20 1100 dice rolls x1,000
21 130 pickaxe tokens x12
22 110 Cash
23 150 Sticker Pack (3 Stars) X 3
24 350 dice rolls x500
25 220 pickaxe tokens x15
26 280 Sticker Pack (4 Stars) X 4
27 1,600 dice rolls x1,500
28 380 pickaxe tokens x18
29 450 Sticker Pack (4 Stars) X 4
30 650 dice rolls x700
31 750 pickaxe tokens x22
32 1,900 dice rolls x1,800
33 1,300 Sticker Pack (5 Stars) X 6
34 650 pickaxe tokens x20
35 1,200 Cash
36 2,700 dice rolls x2,100
37 1,100 Sticker Pack (4 Stars) X 4
38 1,200 pickaxe tokens x30
39 2,200 Cash
40 3,500 dice rolls x2,800
41 1,300 10 minutes
42 1,750 Sticker Pack (4 Stars) X 4
43 6,000 dice rolls x6,500

To obtain these exciting rewards, players must complete 43 milestones, requiring around 32,865 points in total. This challenging yet rewarding event is designed to test your skills and determination, offering significant rewards for those who rise to the occasion.

How to Get More Points

Maximizing your points during the Firework Fortunes event is crucial to ensure you can complete all 43 milestones and claim the top rewards. Here are some tips to help you earn more points:

  1. Consistent Play: Regularly engage with the game to keep your progress steady and accumulate points consistently.
  2. Focus on Objectives: Prioritize completing the objectives that offer the most points. This strategic approach will help you advance more quickly.
  3. Use Boosts: Take advantage of any available boosts or bonuses that can increase your point earnings.
  4. Collaborate: If possible, work with friends or other players to share tips and strategies for earning points efficiently.
  5. Stay Updated: Keep an eye on any updates or announcements related to the event to ensure you don’t miss out on any opportunities to earn extra points.

By following these strategies, you’ll be well on your way to maximizing your points and reaping the full benefits of the Firework Fortunes event in Monopoly Go. Please Follow Our Page To stay updated on Daily Events And Tournaments.