How to Get More Free Prize Drop Chips In Monopoly Go!

How to Get More Free Prize Drop Chips In Monopoly Go!: Prize Drop is one of the events in Monopoly Go, which is organized in a sequence with intervals of 3-4 weeks, and the period can be shorter or longer in each case of its appearance according to the Drop Prize. During the prize drop, you will have to collect Prize Drop chips through which you are going to participate in the Peg-E prize drop game, however, your main goal is to score points and make progress in the game to achieve better rewards in different stages.

For learning about the Prize Drop schedule and the upcoming Prize Drop on Monopoly Go, you can visit our page. If we take into account the period when a prize drop is underway in Monopoly Go the main theme is often about rewarding the players. This will be the source for the current position of the Prize Drop rewards and milestones.

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How to Get More Free Prize Drop Chips

If you are willing to acquire all of the benefits, make sure to learn about all the various ways to obtain more Prize Drop chips for free which we will explain below.

Main Events

Check out the Monopoly Go Events Schedule for the event with the main event you have currently. Then make use of the rewards and milestones link for the event to view the Prize Drop chips that are available in the current main event during times where Prize Drop is running.

As per rewards and milestones, you can see all the Prize Drop rewards and get all the conditions of a successful participation in each event.

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If the Prize Drop is in forte, tournaments are among the big plans to earn these Prize Drop chips instantly, and once again, right now, pop by the Monopoly Go Events Schedule and click on the latest tournament rewards and milestones link. You will need to see the event rewards on it, which can be earned via Prize Drop at that moment.

Shop Rewards

Get a free gift from the shop every eight hours. During the Prize Drop event, the pride may also include Prize Drop tokens. But finding the free shop gift is not easy as you click the shop icon and swipe the top panel to the right until the gift pack appears and the timer opens.

Quick Wins

While Prize Drop is running, the Quick Wins prizes may include Prize Drop tokens, so if you know there is a Prize Drop coming up later in the day, don’t complete your Quick Wins for the day until the Prize Drop event has started.

Within Prize Drop

You can also earn extra Prize Drop chips just by playing the game whether through attempting to clear some of the bumpers or by reaching milestones.

How to Play Prize Drop

Simply choose your multiplier to continue and then pick the dropped stuff from where you want to win the reward. We often pick our chosen spot as sulking belted at the cunning prize drop as this spits the ball back to near us. Though luck as you can hit bumpers that will give you either Prize Drop chips or Free Dice Rolls. Also, multiple reasons the participant can get bonuses such as taking over cliffs and buying game stones. These pairs of tournaments represent the amount of fun that can be yours with the new discounted plan of the game.

The goal of the event is to earn points for every bumper you clear with bonus games, to also, the cash amount you collect will also count. This would be a reward on the bottom of the screen that you have to see and need to click with your mouse right after having collected sufficient points. There are usually two of these to complete, so even after you have done one of those rewards bars, there are usually another one available to work through afterwards.

Check this page on our website to get information on the schedule and the upcoming event of Monopoly Go.

Noteworthy Prize Drop Events and Tournaments

In Monopoly GO, there are several events and tournaments inspired by Prize Drop Chips. These activities offer players an interesting and distinctive chance to get credits and increase chances of getting the top prize in the Peg-E Prize Drop game. Here are some special occasions and tournaments to keep an eye on:

March 10th-13th Event

The March 10th-13th event is one of the highly anticipated Prize Drop events in Monopoly GO. Taking part in more in-app activities fetches you more Prize Drop Chips. See the timetable of the event, and with the higher drop rates make sure to grab your chips the most in this period as well.

Championship Tournaments

Monopoly GO also holds championship tournaments in which players engage in a Ped-E Prize Drop game. These tournaments have large chip prizes and present you the chance to display your skills. Equip yourself to become a champion by adding to your gaming strategies and be ready when these tournaments in the game become live.

Setting a firm plan of action is a must when it comes to these festivals and tournaments. These are a few tips to help with your chip collection:

The Prior Thought: Always make sure to mark in your calendar the dates of all important events, and tournaments to enjoy additional chip opportunities.

The Milestone Approach: Keep the right track of certain milestones within various credits as these are known to many players as specialities from where they want to get chips. Make a clear list of these milestones and also make a strategy, but remember that they are always a signal for what you should do the next one.

Form Alliances: Team up with other players to create alliances or join exciting communities. As well as giving and receiving advice and exchanging resources, collaborating with other players can also be beneficial to winning events and tournaments. Besides that, you could share playing motives, tactics, and even transfer Prize Drop Chips among yourselves.

Time Management: Dedicate specific hours to play in events and tournaments of Monopoly GO so you can live the gaming experience not only in the game but also in your real life. Focus on the activities involving chips and tell yourself to make the most of your time.

Stay Informed: Just be aware of their events and competitions. Monitor official Monopoly GO accounts on social media and be part of the community to keep in touch with all fresh news, updates, and communicated messages.


Practicing these tips, participating in relevant events and tournaments, you considerably augment your Prize Drop Chip collection throughout Monopoly GO and expand your chance of becoming a winner in the new Peg-E Prize Drop game.

Remember, these events can be short-lived, so take the time to devise a plan and utilize every chance you get to play during these periods to the fullest. The best of luck, and keep your collection happy!

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