When is the next Peg-E Prize Drop event in Monopoly GO?

When is the next Peg-E Prize Drop event in Monopoly GO? Get ready to strike it rich with Monopoly Go’s Prize Drop events! To participate in this thrilling mini-game, you’ll need to collect Prize Drop chips from other in-game events. Then, the fun begins!

In Peg-E, your collected chips will be dropped from above, navigating through a challenging obstacle course before landing in one of several cash reward slots. But that’s not all – you can also earn free dice and utilize multipliers to amplify your rewards. If this sounds like an exciting opportunity, we’ve got the inside scoop on the latest Monopoly Go Peg-E event and the prizes waiting for you.

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When is the next Monopoly Go Peg-E Prize Drop event?

The latest Peg- E event in Monopoly Go kicked off on Thursday, May 9th, 2024, and will run for a limited time until Monday, May 13th. This thrilling mini-game typically has a short but sweet duration, with events spaced out over several days.

As for the next Prize Drop event, we can’t pinpoint an exact schedule just yet, but rest assured that they’ll pop up every few weeks. Keep an eye on this page for updates when the next Peg- E event starts, and get ready to take part in the action!

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Monopoly Go Prize Drop list

Below is a breakdown of the rewards offered in the latest Peg-E event, along with the corresponding milestones required to unlock them:

Stage Reward Milestone
1 50 Dice 200 points
1 Stickers and cash 600 points
1 100 Dice 1,400 points
2 100 Dice 1,000 points
2 Stickers 2,100 points
2 150 Dice 3,400 points
2 Dice and stickers 6,000 points
3 Cash 1,300 points
3 175 Dice 2,800 points
3 Stickers 4,300 points
3 400 Dice 8,000 points
4 200 Dice 2,000 points
4 450 Dice 4,500 points
4 Dice and stickers 11,000 points
5 800 Dice 6,000 points
5 1,200 Dice 16,000 points
5 Dice and stickers 30,000 points

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That concludes our overview of When Is Monopoly Go Peg-E Prize Drop event! For further assistance with the game, be sure to explore our sections on upcoming Partner Events and our comprehensive guide to ongoing events and tournaments.

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