Monopoly GO: Snowman Contest Rewards And Milestones

Snowman Contest rewards and milestones in monopoly go: The festive spirit is making its way into Monopoly GO with the delightful Snowman Contest, bringing back the beloved Peg-E tokens and introducing a challenging tournament comprised of 30 distinct milestones.

The excitement of winter events is at its peak in Monopoly GO, courtesy of the much-anticipated return of Peg-E tokens. The Snowman Contest, which is slated to run from January 16 to 18, presents an enticing opportunity for players to reach up to 30 milestones. These milestones offer the chance to amass a whopping total of 3,960 Dice. Running concurrently with this contest is the three-day Cold Snap solo event. Both events are rich in opportunities to collect Peg-E chips, which I plan to redeem for a generous number of free Dice.

All List Of Snowman Contest rewards and milestones in Monopoly Go

monopoly go snowman contest

In the Snowman Contest, the potential rewards extend far beyond the 3,960 Dice. Participants can look forward to collecting 282 Peg-E tokens and acquiring five assorted Sticker packs. The High Roller special event becomes accessible upon reaching the fifth milestone, while the exciting Mega Heist awaits at the thirteenth milestone.

Milestones Tokens/Points Snowman Contest Rewards
One 75 40 Dice
Two 50 Sticker Pack (one-star x2)
Three 100 Seven Peg-E tokens
Four 175 Cash
Five 225 High Roller for five minutes
Six 300 130 Dice
Seven 275 Cash
Eight 450 15 Peg-E tokens
Nine 550 240 Dice
10 625 Sticker Pack (two-stars x3)
11 650 30 Peg-E tokens
12 700 Sticker Pack (three-stars x3)
13 800 Mega Heist for 20 minutes
14 750 300 Dice
15 850 Sticker Pack (four-stars x4)
16 900 50 Peg-E tokens
17 1,000 Cash
18 1,200 Cash
19 1,300 500 Dice
20 1,500 Rent Frenzy for 25 minutes
21 1,800 Sticker Pack (four-stars x4)
22 2,000 80 Peg-E tokens
23 2,300 Cash
24 2,600 950 Dice
25 3,000 Cash
26 3,500 100 Peg-E tokens
27 4,000 Cash
28 4,500 Cash Boost for 20 minutes
29 5,000 Cash
30 5,500 1,800 Dice

Is playing the Snowman Contest in Monopoly Go worth it?

The Snowman Contest sets a higher bar for its milestone token/point thresholds compared to typical tournaments. To illustrate, unlocking the fourteenth milestone, which offers 300 Dice, requires a hefty 750 tokens/points. And as you progress further in the tournament, these requirements only escalate.

However, the high thresholds are balanced by the tournament’s lucrative aspects. The standout feature of the Snowman Contest is the chance to earn Peg-E tokens, in addition to rewards from the parallel Cold Snap solo event. Furthermore, the Cold Snap event focuses on Railroad tiles as a key objective. This alignment makes it more feasible to accumulate tokens/points for both events simultaneously, especially if you have an active Dice multiplier.

How to play Snowman Contest in Monopoly GO

snowman contest

Success in most Monopoly GO tournaments, including the Snowman Contest, hinges on landing on Railroad tiles. This action triggers the mini-games Bank Heist and Shutdown, both of which award points/tokens. Notably, a Bank Heist provides a greater token reward, which is further amplified during a Mega Heist.

When does the Snowman Contest end in Monopoly GO?

The Snowman Contest in Monopoly GO is a 48-hour marathon of strategy and fun, commencing on January 16 at 12 pm CT and concluding on January 18 at approximately 11:58 am CT. The tournament boasts 30 rewarding milestones, and as of the current information available, no additional rewards have been announced.

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