Golden Blitz Schedule – When is the Next Golden Blitz Event?

As we approach the next Golden Blitz event, we’re excited to announce that it will take place on May 14th, featuring Broom Rock and Funky Music. Originally, we thought the event might occur earlier, but a Prize Drop starting on May 9th ran until May 13th, making it likely that the next Golden Blitz would follow.

What’s Golden Blitz In Monopoly Go?

In Monopoly Go, Golden Blitz is a trading event where players can trade two exclusive golden stickers for a limited time (usually 15-24 hours). Each event features new sticker combinations, and sometimes, previously featured stickers return later in the season. During this period, you can receive as many of the selected gold stickers as you want, but you’re only allowed to send five per event, on top of your daily standard sticker allocation.

Golden Blitz Dates During Monopoly Origins

Start Date End Date Stickers
May 2nd 9 AM ET May 3rd 9 AM ET All In (12) and Daydreams (19)
April 25th 6PM ET April 26th 6PM ET Rare Find (14) and La Traviata (21)
April 11th 6PM ET April 12th 6PM ET Merch It! (13) and We Did It (16)

How to Trade Gold Stickers?

During a Golden Blitz event, you’ll have a unique opportunity to trade gold stickers. This limited-time window allows you to exchange only the featured gold stickers for that specific event.

To initiate a trade, simply select the gold sticker(s) from your album, just as you would with regular stickers. You can either set up an exchange or send the sticker(s) directly to a friend. A notable perk is that during a Golden Blitz, you’re allowed to trade up to five gold stickers, in addition to your daily allowance of standard sticker trades.

How To Get Gold Stickers?

During the current season of Monopoly Origins, you can find gold stickers scattered throughout normal packs. While there are no special “gold pack” surprises this time around, the likelihood of pulling one is still relatively low and influenced by card star value and pack level. To increase your chances of snagging a gold sticker, keep collecting those regular packs – the more you get, the higher your odds become.

If you’re on the hunt for 5-star gold stickers, be prepared to put in some extra effort. These elusive purple packs are notoriously difficult to come by, making Quick Wins opportunities a great chance to score one. Don’t miss out!

Struggling to get gold stickers through pack drops? You’re not alone! Look for fellow players willing to share their gold stickers during Golden Blitz events. Keep in mind that community dynamics vary, so some groups might be more open to trading while others may stick to trading only gold for gold. Standard stickers can also be accepted as trade-ins for gold – it never hurts to ask!

Community Sharing

If you’re finding it tough to get gold stickers through packs, consider seeking help from fellow players during Golden Blitz events. Some communities might be willing to share their gold stickers with standard stickers, while others may only accept gold for gold. Be sure to explore your community’s unique dynamics and rules.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next Golden Blitz event scheduled?

The next Golden Blitz event is anticipated to begin on May 14th, 2024.

How often do Golden Blitz events occur?

Golden Blitz events occur periodically, with specific dates announced in advance.

Is there a pattern to the scheduling of Golden Blitz events?

While there may not be a fixed pattern, Golden Blitz events are typically spaced out to allow for other in-game activities and events.

What can we expect from the upcoming Golden Blitz event?

The next Golden Blitz event is expected to feature Broom Rock and Funky Music, providing players with exciting gameplay experiences and rewards.

Where can I find updates about the Golden Blitz schedule?

Updates regarding the Golden Blitz schedule can be found on the official Monopoly Go platform, including announcements on the game's website or social media channels.

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