How to Get Free Pickaxe Tokens in Sunset Treasures in Monopoly GO

The Monopoly GO: Sunset Treasures mini-game event has reintroduced Pickaxe tokens, marking the second Treasure Hunting mini-event of the month. Players will need these Pickaxes to uncover hidden objects, offering the chance to win exciting rewards such as Dice Rolls, Cash, a new shield skin, two new tokens (Pharaoh Scottie token and the Scarab Sentinel shield)

However, acquiring these tokens can be quite a tedious task. To help you out, we’ve outlined three simple strategies below to help you quickly obtain free Pickaxe tokens in Monopoly GO: Sunset Treasures.

How to Get Free Pickaxe Tokens in Monopoly GO Sunset Treasures

Treasure Hunting events differ from the Partners event because there are no Pickaxe tokens on the board to collect. This means you’ll need to find other ways to get them. Here are three easy methods to obtain those tokens for free:

Participate in the Current Events

The best way to earn free Pickaxe tokens is by participating in the ongoing solo and leaderboard events. Currently, the active events offering these tokens as rewards are the Corsair Cup and Map Of Fortunes. Reaching various milestones will reward you with prizes such as Cash, Dice Rolls, and lots of Pickaxe tokens. Check the full list of rewards and milestones here:

Do Your Quick Wins

When you open Monopoly GO, head to the Quick Wins section in the bottom left corner of the game. Completing these simple tasks will earn you easy Pickaxe tokens.

Open Up Your Free Gifts

Every eight hours, you have a free gift waiting for you in the upper left section of the game, just below your net worth upgrades. Scroll to the right until you reach your free gift. Inside, you will find Dice Rolls, free Pickaxe tokens, and sometimes a Sticker Pack.

Monopoly GO Free Pickaxe Tokens Links

In the past, Scopely provided links that gave free Pickaxe tokens. Unfortunately, there are no free token links available at the current time. Use these methods to accumulate your Pickaxe stash, and you will reach the grand prize in no time. If any links become available, we will update this article.

2 Pickaxe tokens – Expires June 09

And that concludes our guide on how to get free Pickaxe tokens in Monopoly GO: Sunset Treasures. By applying these strategies, you’ll gather a huge number of Pickaxe tokens, helping you reach the final rewards with ease. If this guide has been helpful, check out our Latest Free Dice Rolls in Monopoly GO and Today’s Event Schedule.