Monopoly Go: How To Get Free Tycoon Racers Flag Tokens?

Testing for the new Monopoly GO Tycoon Racers mini-game has concluded, with the event launching globally on June 12 and running until June 16. Collecting Flags is crucial for winning races and earn a Wild Sticker if your team finishes first. Here’s a guide on how to earn them and obtain free Flag tokens to enhance your chances of winning.

How to Get Monopoly GO Flag Tokens for Tycoon Racers

Collecting Flags in Monopoly GO is similar to collecting Dig Hunt tokens (Pickaxes). Free Flag tokens can be earned through completed daily Quick Wins or from links and gifts offered by Scopely. Here are all the ways to collect the most Flags daily for the Tycoon Racers Monopoly GO event:

  • Log in daily to complete Quick Wins.
  • Check your Free Gift status up to every eight hours.
  • Participate in Monopoly GO daily events that can boost points or Dice rolls for earning Flags.
  • Increase your Dice multiplier near Railroad tiles to earn more tournament points, unlocking Flags through milestone rewards.
  • Collect Flag tokens on the Monopoly GO board.
  • Check the daily Monopoly GO free Dice links for free Flags.

How Do Monopoly GO Tycoon Racers Flag Tokens Work?

Based on testing in countries like Brazil and the Philippines, Flags are used to roll special Monopoly GO popper Dice. The result of the Dice popper roll determines your team’s progress on the race track. To roll the three Dice, you need to collect at least 20 Flags. The more times you and your team roll the popper Dice, the better your chances of winning the race and earning Medals.

Do Monopoly GO Tycoon Racers Rewards Include Flags?

As of now, Flag tokens are not included in the Monopoly GO Tycoon Racers rewards. Rewards from Tycoon Racers are earned by completing laps during a race.

Much like solo and tournament event rewards, laps act as milestones, with the number increasing for better rewards. Possible rewards include free Dice rolls, Sticker packs, Tycoon Racers currency, and regular cash. Even Monopoly GO flash events will appear as rewards within the Tycoon Racers event.