How To Add Friends On Monopoly Go! (Guide)

Monopoly GO is a mobile ve­rsion of the well-known Monopoly board game. The­ game uses two dice that playe­rs toss to navigate the board. The sum of the­ dice roll decides a playe­r’s moves. This game mixes skill and luck, just as its traditional ve­rsion does.

In this multiplayer game, Monopoly GO, it is possible to have friendly chats with friends while playing. Adding friends can however be a bit difficult. Examine the subsequent steps to know how to add friends in Monopoly Go.

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How To Add Friends On Monopoly Go?

There are 3 ways one can add friends to Monopoly GO include:

  1. Through contact list
  2. By use of Facebook
  3. Sending invite links

For a player to access these options, they should click on ‘Friends’ located at the bottom right of their game screen, then choose either Contacts, Facebook or Invite Link.

Contact List

Connect your phone’s contact list to Monopoly GO and add friends. In this method, players are required to share their phone numbers as well as grant access rights for their contact lists. With such a setup any friend of yours who downloads the game will automatically become your friend. You can undo sharing contacts after linking them so by visiting Game Permissions under Monopoly GO settings


The easiest way of adding friends on Monopoly GO is through Facebook integration which saves time from sending individual invites back and forth among different social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram Direct Messages (DM). This will enable every single one of your Facebook friends who plays Monopoly GO to become added as well. Linking these two together should be enough – nothing more needs to be done!

Invite Link

Generate an invite link and send it to someone who wishes to join you in Monopoly GO but was not automatically added through the first two methods. Once they click on the link, their game will launch with a request from yours asking if you would like them as friends. Kindly accept this request so that new person becomes part of your community within Monoply GO too! Monetize all interactions.

Lastly, remember that the more the merrier! The more friends you have on Monopoly GO, the better your chances of winning because they can all help each other out by trading properties and even getting out of jail for free when needed most.

The more rewards you reap. This is the perfect option for players who are not comfortable sharing their phone numbers.

Rewards for Inviting Friends in Monopoly GO

When players add friends using the contact list method, they get 30 free dice as a reward. Similarly, if you connect with your Facebook account, you will receive 25 free dice.

FAQs about Adding Friends on Monopoly GO

How do I add friends on Monopoly GO?

To add friends on Monopoly GO, you can connect your game account to social media platforms like Facebook. Once connected, you can invite your friends who are already playing the game or send invitations to those who are not yet playing.

Can I add friends without using social media in Monopoly GO?

Yes, you can add friends without using social media by sharing your unique friend code with others. You can find your friend code in the game settings or the friends menu, and you can enter the friend codes of other players to add them to your list.

What are the benefits of adding friends in Monopoly GO?

Adding friends in Monopoly GO provides several benefits, including the ability to send and receive free dice, participate in friendly competitions, and exchange stickers to help complete collections more quickly. Friends can also send you gifts that enhance your gameplay experience.

Is there a limit to how many friends I can add in Monopoly GO?

While there is no strict limit to the number of friends you can add in Monopoly GO, adding too many friends may clutter your friends list and make it harder to manage. It’s best to add active players who can contribute to your game progress.

How do I remove a friend from my friends list in Monopoly GO?

To remove a friend from your friends list in Monopoly GO, go to the friends menu, find the friend you want to remove, and select the option to delete or unfriend them. This process may vary slightly depending on the game’s user interface and updates