Monopoly Go Road To Riches Event: All Rewards & How To Score More Points

The Monopoly Go “Road to Riches” event is an engaging addition to the popular virtual board game, offering players a variety of rewards and an exciting gameplay experience. Running until January 11, 2024, this event has been anticipated to be more successful than previous ones held in 2024.

How to Get points Monopoly Go Road to Riches event

In the Road to Riches event, players earn points by landing on specific tiles – the ‘Tax and Utility’ tiles. Landing on these tiles rewards players with Building tokens, which are crucial for progressing in the event. The Tax tiles yield two Buildings, while the Utility tiles provide three Buildings. Additionally, players can utilize dice multipliers to enhance their chances of obtaining more rewards, such as dice rolls and Flower tokens, which are also beneficial for progressing in the concurrent Gardening Partners event.

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The event features a comprehensive system of 49 milestones, each offering unique rewards. These rewards include a variety of items such as Flower tokens, free dice rolls, cash boosts, and sticker packs in different colors and rarity levels. The rewards escalate as players reach higher milestones, providing an incentive to accumulate more points.

For instance, early milestones offer rewards like 70 Flower Tokens or 20 Free Dice Rolls for achieving five points, while higher milestones require hundreds of points but offer significantly greater rewards, such as thousands of free dice rolls and exclusive sticker packs. The final reward in the event is particularly substantial, consisting of 6,500 Dice Rolls and a Sticker Pack, requiring 4,000 tokens or points to unlock.

Players can maximize their points by strategically using dice multipliers. For example, rolling a large number of dice at once and landing on a Tax tile can yield a substantial number of event tokens. However, it’s important to manage dice rolls carefully to avoid wasting them.

What are the different rewards in the Monopoly Go Road to Riches event?

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In the Monopoly Go “Road to Riches” event, players have the opportunity to earn a wide range of rewards by achieving various milestones. Here’s a comprehensive list of the rewards available at different point levels:

  1. 5 Points: 70 Flower Tokens, 20 Free Dice Rolls, One-Star Green Sticker Pack.
  2. 10 Points: 80 Flower Tokens, Ten-Minute Cash Grab Boost.
  3. 15 Points: One-Star Green Sticker Pack, Cash.
  4. 20 Points: 180 Flower Tokens, One-Star Green Sticker Pack.
  5. 25 Points: Cash.
  6. 30 Points: 2-Star Yellow Sticker Pack.
  7. 40 Points: 210 Flower Tokens, Five-Minute Cash Boost.
  8. 45 Points: 120 Free Dice Rolls, Cash, Ten-Minute High Roller Boost.
  9. 50 Points: 230 Flower Tokens, Cash.
  10. 55 Points: Three-Star Pink Sticker Pack, Cash.
  11. 60 Points: Four-Star Blue Sticker Pack.
  12. 65 Points: 250 Flower Tokens.
  13. 70 Points: 100 Free Dice Rolls.
  14. 120 Points: 150 Free Dice Rolls.
  15. 150 Points: 270 Flower Tokens.
  16. 175 Points: Cash.
  17. 200 Points: 375 Free Dice Rolls, Four-Star Blue Sticker Pack.
  18. 225 Points: 300 Flower Tokens.
  19. 300 Points: 20-Minute Rent Frenzy Boost.
  20. 350 Points: Cash.
  21. 400 Points: 700 Free Dice Rolls, 350 Flower Tokens.
  22. 500 Points: Five-Star Purple Sticker Pack.
  23. 550 Points: 20-Minute High Roller Boost.
  24. 600 Points: 500 Flower Tokens, Cash.
  25. 650 Points: Cash.
  26. 700 Points: 800 Free Dice Rolls.
  27. 750 Points: 1.5k Dice, 900 Free Dice Rolls.
  28. 800 Points: Purple Sticker Pack.
  29. 850 Points: 650 Flower Tokens.
  30. 1,300 Points: 1.8k Free Dice Rolls.
  31. 1,700 Points: Cash.
  32. 2,200 Points: 3k Free Dice Rolls.
  33. 4,000 Points: 6.5k Free Dice Rolls and a Purple Sticker Pack.

By successfully achieving all 49 milestones within the event, players have the opportunity to amass a total of up to 15,765 dice rolls.


The Monopoly Go Road to Riches event provides a compelling mix of strategy and luck, offering players numerous opportunities to gain rewards while enjoying the classic Monopoly gameplay in a digital format. The integration of this event with the ongoing Gardening Partners event adds an additional layer of strategy and reward for players.


What is the Monopoly Go Road to Riches event?

The Road to Riches event is a special event in the Monopoly Go game. It challenges players to complete various tasks and milestones on a virtual Monopoly board, with rewards given for achieving specific objectives.

How can players get points in this event?

Points are scored by landing on 'Tax and Utility' tiles on the Monopoly board. Each tile type awards a specific number of Building tokens, which are crucial for advancing in the event.

What are the rewards for completing milestones in the event?

The event offers a variety of rewards, including Flower Tokens, Free Dice Rolls, Cash Boosts, and different levels of Sticker Packs. The rewards increase in value as players progress through the 49 milestones.

Can players use any strategy to maximize their rewards?

Yes, using dice multipliers strategically is key. It's important to manage the number of dice rolled to maximize the chances of landing on rewarding tiles without wasting rolls.

How long does the event last?

The Monopoly Go Road to Riches event is scheduled to run until January 11, 2024. This gives players ample time to complete the milestones and collect rewards.

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