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Monopoly Go: How To Play And Win Every Tournaments

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How To Win Tournaments In Monopoly Go?: Monopoly Go revitalizes the classic competitive essence of Monopoly, turning it into a dynamic experience with its tournament feature. These tournaments are the heart of the game, where players engage in fierce competition to establish themselves as top tycoons. They are special, time-limited events where participants undertake specific actions to gather points and win exciting rewards.

The structure of these tournaments is built around a leaderboard system. This means that to emerge victorious, players must outscore their rivals by accumulating the most points. Remarkably, there’s a continuous flow of tournaments – as soon as one concludes, another begins. This ensures that avid players always have a tournament to join.

How to Dive into Tournament Play

Joining a tournament is simple and accessible. You just need to earn five points to start participating. These initial points can be quickly gained by performing basic actions that are integral to the tournament’s objectives.

Strategies for Tournament Victory

Dominating a tournament involves amassing a significantly high point total, outpacing all other competitors on the leaderboard. A key tactic is the astute application of dice roll multipliers. These multipliers can dramatically increase your points, propelling you up the rankings.

Tournaments typically adhere to a consistent format, but they vary mainly in the rewards offered. The primary activities in these tournaments are:

  1. Shutdowns
  2. Bank Heists

shutdowns and bank heists

Moreover, each action has its set multipliers, which may vary slightly across tournaments. Historically, these have included:

Activity Type Activity Subtype Points Awarded
Shutdowns Unsuccessful Shutdown 2 Points
Successful Shutdown 4 Points
Bank Heists Small Bank Heist 8 Points
Large Bank Heist 12 Points
Bankrupt Bank Heist 16 Points
Mega Bank Heist 24 Points

This table categorizes the activities into two main types: Shutdowns and Bank Heists, each with different subtypes based on the scale or success of the activity, along with the corresponding points awarded for each.

Additional Tips

Your points can be significantly boosted by dice multipliers. For instance, achieving a large bank heist with a x2 multiplier doubles your points from 12 to 24. Additionally, tournaments feature various point milestones, allowing players to claim rewards progressively, even if they don’t clinch the top spot.


In Conclusion, Monopoly Go’s tournaments offer a thrilling and competitive platform for players to demonstrate their strategic acumen and vie for the title of the ultimate tycoon. With constant opportunities to participate and a range of dynamic actions to undertake, these tournaments keep the spirit of Monopoly alive in an engaging and modern format.

FAQs: How To Win Tournaments In Monopoly Go

What are the key strategies to win Monopoly Go tournaments?

  • Focus on activities with high point values, like Mega Bank Heists.
  • Utilize dice multipliers effectively to boost your points.
  • Stay active and participate in as many tournaments as possible.
  • Adapt your strategy to different tournament rules and formats.
  • Observe and learn from top players on the leaderboard.

How important are dice multipliers in winning tournaments?

Extremely important. Dice multipliers can significantly increase your points for any given action, making them a crucial component in accumulating a high score and climbing the leaderboard.

Can I improve my chances of winning by playing more tournaments?

Yes, consistent participation helps you understand game dynamics, improve strategies, and increases your overall chances of winning through experience and familiarity with the game's nuances.

Are there specific actions that yield more points in tournaments?

Yes, actions like Bank Heists, especially Mega Bank Heists, typically offer more points compared to other activities. Focusing on these high-value actions can be a key strategy in winning.

Is it possible to win a tournament without being the top player on the leaderboard?

While being the top player increases your chances of winning, Monopoly Go often has milestones and rewards throughout a tournament. Achieving these can also be considered a form of winning, as you gain rewards even if you're not the top player.

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