Monopoly GO: How to Get Free Battery Tokens for Robo Partners

Monopoly GO: How to Get Free Battery Tokens for Robo Partners: The Monopoly GO Robo Partners in-game event has introduced a new type of token to Monopoly GO. You’ll need these tokens to spin the prize wheel and win exciting rewards, such as Free Dice, Cash, and a new board piece called Robo Penguin.

For completing the final milestone and raising all the Robotic attractions, we are finally getting a Wild Card! We didn’t get one in the previous partners event, but this time we do! However, collecting event tokens can be a tedious task. Here are four easy methods to get free Robo Partners tokens quickly in Monopoly GO Robo Partners!

How to Get Free Robo Partners Event Tokens in Monopoly GO

You Can Earn Free Batteries Tokens Links By Doing Simple Tasks Below:

  1. Land On Robo Partner Event Token Tiles
  2. Participate In Current Events
  3. Do Your Quick Wins
  4. Open Your Free Gifts

Land on Robo Partner Event Token Tiles

During the Monopoly GO Robo Partners event, the Monopoly board features five tiles that hold event tokens. Each time you land on one, the event token will reappear at a different location on the board. When you find yourself in a section of the board where there are more tokens closer together than usual, consider upping your dice multiplier. This will greatly increase the number of Robo tokens you can acquire. Your multiplier will determine how many Drum Tokens you receive.

Participate in the Current Events

You can earn free Robo tokens by taking part in the current solo or leaderboard events. The following events are currently offering them as rewards for the first time: Scrap Yard Riches and Circuit Champs. Reaching different milestones will give you various prizes like Cash, Dice Rolls, and tons of Robo tokens. Check out all the rewards and milestones here:

Scrap Yard Riches Milestones Points Required Rewards
1 Five 40 Battery Tokens
3 10 50 Battery Tokens
5 55 100 Battery Tokens
9 25 140 Battery Tokens
12 35 180 Battery Tokens
14 40 200 Battery Tokens
16 40 200 Battery Tokens
19 55 200 Battery Tokens
23 80 220 Battery Tokens
25 900 700 Battery Tokens
31 225 280 Battery Tokens
36 400 300 Battery Tokens
39 800 400 Battery Tokens
48 1,600 500 Battery Tokens

Do Your Quick Wins

After launching Monopoly GO, go to the Quick Wins section located at the bottom left of the main lobby. Completing these easy tasks will earn you event tokens for partners.

Open your Free Gifts

There’s a free gift waiting for you every eight hours in the game which is located in the top left corner just below your net worth upgrades. Scroll leftwards until you see it. Inside will be some Dice Rolls, free Robo Tokens as well as occasionally a Sticker Pack.

Monopoly GO Free Robo Token Links

Unfortunately, there are no Robo token links available at the current time. Use these methods to rack up your tokens’ storage, and you will reach the grand prize in no time. If any links become available, we will update this article.

RehumanizeAnd that concludes our guide on how to get free wheel tokens in Monopoly GO Robo Partners. By applying these strategies, you will get a huge amount of event tokens that will help you build your attraction in no time. If this guide has been helpful, check out our Latest Free Dice Rolls in Monopoly GO and Today’s Event Schedule.