Monopoly Go: How To Get New Shields Links

The Mobile representation of the classic board game Monopoly Go has become very popular worldwide due to its new mechanics and exciting gameplay. The shield is one of the most important features of Monopoly Go. This powerful tool protects your assets and progress from other players. This article will go over how to max-up new shields in Monopoly Go so that you can continue staying on top among your friends while also securing all your properties.

What Are Shields in Monopoly Go?

The shields in Monopoly Go are used as a way to defend yourself against an attack launched by another player. When an adversary lands on a space that says “Attack” or “Heist,” they are able to harm your properties or take away some of your resources. However, when you have activated a shield these actions will be nullified thereby saving what would have otherwise been lost through hard work and sweat. It should be noted that each shield only has a certain number of time it can be used thus underscoring the need for constantly acquiring more shields so as to keep up with the increasing levels of threat.

How To Get More Shields In Monopoly Go:

There Are 16 Different Methods To Earn Freee Different Shields In Monopoly Go. Here Are They:

  1. Daily Rewards and Bonuses
  2. Completing Missions and Challenges
  3. Participating in Events
  4. Purchasing Shields with In-Game Currency
  5. Winning Shields in Mini-Games
  6. Trading with Friends
  7. Leveling Up
  8. Special Promotions and Offers
  9. Watching Ads
  10. Social Media and Community Engagement
  11. Using Promotional Codes
  12. Achievements and Milestones
  13. Joining a Club or Guild
  14. Inviting Friends
  15. Seasonal and Holiday Events
  16. Feedback and Surveys

Daily Rewards and Bonuses

In order to encourage players to play every day, Monopoly Go rewards them with different bonuses on a daily basis most of which may include shields. You stand a higher chance of getting new shields if you log in frequently since these bonuses can be accumulated over time. Furthermore, there are events or promotions where extra prizes are given out for consecutive logins during such periods thus creating even more opportunities for collecting shields and other rewards like free dice rolls.

Completing Missions and Challenges

Missions and challenges are integral components of Monopoly Go, providing objectives that players can complete for rewards. These missions range from simple tasks like rolling a certain number of dice to more complex objectives such as winning specific amounts in mini-games. Successfully completing missions and challenges often rewards players with shields, among other valuable items.

Participating in Events

From time to time, Monopoly Go have a variety of in-game activities where players can win unique prizes, with shields being one of them. The events may be seasonal, themed or tied to specific dates all year round. By taking part in these events and meeting set milestones or objectives, you can acquire new shields. Staying alert of when they occur through the event calendar plus active participation will greatly help increase your shield count. You can explore Today’s Events And Tournaments Here.

Purchasing Shields with In-Game Currency

Shields may be directly bought from the game’s shop using ‘traditional’ such as coins and gems. While it might take some time and effort collecting enough money needed for this purchase method assures getting the desired number without relying on probability. It is important to spend your resources wisely therefore make sure you only buy them when there is urgent need thus keeping a constant supply.

Winning Shields in Mini-Games

Various mini-games that present rewards including shields are available on Monopoly Go. These activities offer an opportunity for players to take a break from the main gameplay while still collecting additional items in a more entertaining and engaging manner. Note that certain mini-games could have higher chances of giving out these protective gears so finding them would be part of your strategy towards amassing many.

Trading with Friends

There is an option within the app which allows individuals playing this game to exchange different kinds of items among themselves; including resources or unwanted items for their friends’ needed ones hence facilitating acquisition more shields through trade. This not only ensures that you get what you want but also creates stronger ties with other players within the community thus fostering alliances and friendships.

Reaching Higher Levels

When playing Monopoly Go, you advance by reaching higher levels which also rewards you with shields for either your character or properties. Different prizes come with each level up while certain milestones will trigger even more special bonuses. Ensure that you do tasks that earn you experience so that you can attain these amazing rewards by leveling up.

Special Offers and Promotions

From time to time, there are special promotions and offers in Monopoly Go, which if utilized well can earn a player some shields. Limited time bundles, discounted purchases or any other type of deal that is only available for a short period during the game’s lifetime could be included as part of these promotions. In order not to miss out on new shields easily one should always be updated about such offers and take advantage of them.

Watching Ads

For extra lives and other prizes, mobile games including Monopoly Go reward their players with in-game bonuses for watching ads. Usually ranging from 15 to 30 seconds long each commercial break might yield different items including shields. Although this may not seem like much fun it is one way through which you can reliably collect more without much effort or time investment on your part.

Get Social

The community managers and game developers behind Monopoly Go engage its players through official forums and social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter where participating in discussions could earn one exclusive rewards such as shields. Additionally there may be contests hosted by the developers themselves with prizes up for grabs including extra lives but also limited edition items like rare buildings so being an active member within these communities is key to always staying informed about any chances for boosting your stockpile.

Use of promotional codes

Monopoly Go also gives out new protective covers through the use of promotional codes. Game developers usually give out these codes during special events, updates, or on social media. Shields are among the different items players can get as rewards when they redeem such codes inside the game. To ensure that you don’t miss any of them, you should watch for official announcements and always be on the hunt for new codes.

Achievements and landmarks

The game monitors various achievements and milestones made by individuals as they continue playing it. Shields can be earned by reaching these milestones or accomplishing certain achievements. Playing for some days consecutively, winning certain number of times or achieving particular objectives might be some of these tasks. You will always have a constant supply of new shields if you regularly check what your achievements are and work towards achieving them.

Becoming part of a club or guild

Some versions of Monopoly Go may contain social aspects like clubs or guilds where players can join groups and engage in collective activities. Being a member of such a group has its own perks including shields received through group missions, challenges or special events held within the group. So if there is a club or guild system incorporated in the game interface do not hesitate to join one because this will give you more chances to earn shields easily.

Sending invitations to friends

Referral bonuses serve as one way through which Monopoly Go motivates its users to invite friends into playing the game. These bonuses come in different forms, which may include shields among others. Through such rewards, new shields can be earned by an individual who has successfully invited somebody else to start participating in this multiplayer mobile board game provided that they entered his/her referral code during registration. Thus each time your circle of players increases so does the number of protective covers at your disposal.

Seasonal and Holiday Events

On special events like holidays and game anniversaries, Monopoly Go tends to organize special unique events which comes with exclusive rewards. These events are seasonal in that during such periods,players can get items based on the event theme such as a shield at most for a limited time only. To secure unique shields, it is mandatory for one to take part in the event by finishing any stated objectives or rather missions.

Feedback and Surveys

Game developers may ask for feedback from the players through surveys and forms occasionally. In return for this, a participant may get items in the game including shields. It is important to note that useful comments not only help in making the necessary changes to the game but also act as an avenue where one can earn more rewards.

Tips for Efficiently Acquiring Shields

To get new shields in Monopoly Go can be done through various ways as seen in the above points but for more efficiency try using the following tips:

  1. Consistency Matters: Make sure you login daily and participate in daily activities so as not miss any reward or bonus.
  2. Choose Wisely: You should do tasks that will give out shields as rewards first before any other thing because this is what will help increase your number of shields quickly.
  3. Be Part of The Community: Join the official social media channels, forums and community groups where they sometimes give opportunities of earning more shields.
  4. Save Resources: At any given time when there are offers within the game which allows purchase shields by use different forms currency, be careful not make unnecessary expenditure plan for contingencies.
  5. Collaborate with Friends: Trade items and resources with friends to obtain shields. Building a network of supportive players can enhance your gameplay experience.


RehumanizeIn Monopoly Go, shields are a vital component for protecting your progress and assets from opponents. By leveraging the various methods outlined in this article, you can ensure a steady supply of new shields to maintain your defenses. Whether through daily rewards, completing missions, participating in events, or engaging with the community, there are numerous ways to obtain shields and enhance your gameplay experience. Stay proactive, plan your strategies, and enjoy the exciting world of Monopoly Go while keeping your assets safe from rival players.