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Monopoly Go: How To Get Free Flowers In Gardening Partners

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How To Get Free Flowers In Monopoly Go Gardening Partners: Monopoly GO! has always been a game that combines strategy, luck, and a bit of competitive spirit. With the introduction of Partner Events like Gardening Partners, the game has added a collaborative twist, bringing players together in a unique way. These events are not just about building a property empire but also about working alongside fellow tycoons to achieve common goals, collect points, and reap substantial rewards.

The Mechanics of Partner Events

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In Partner Events, your primary objective is to collect specific tokens, which in the case of Gardening Partners, are represented as flowers. These tokens are more than just pretty icons; they are your ticket to spinning a wheel that awards points. These points are crucial as they fill up a progress bar, determining the prizes you’ll receive at the end of the event. The rewards are often generous, ranging from in-game currency to exclusive items that can enhance your gameplay. However, the path to these rewards is paved with hard work and strategy. Collecting enough flowers to make a significant impact on your progress bar is a challenge that requires dedication and smart play.

What Are Flowers In Monopoly Go?

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In every Partner Event, the tokens you collect align with the theme of the event. During Gardening Partners, these tokens take the form of flowers. While they don’t possess any unique abilities apart from being exchanged for wheel spins, their significance cannot be understated. Each spin of the wheel brings you closer to your rewards, making every flower you collect valuable.

How To get Free Followers On Monopoly Go?

how to get free followers on monopoly go

The challenge in Gardening Partners lies in the sheer number of flowers needed to make substantial progress. Fortunately, there are several ways to collect these tokens, integrated seamlessly into the gameplay. Here are some expanded strategies to help you gather flowers more effectively:

Land on Flower Tiles: As you navigate the board, keep an eye out for tiles with flower tokens. Landing on these tiles is one of the most straightforward ways to collect flowers. Plan your moves and use your rolls strategically to hit these tiles more often.

Complete Quick Wins: Quick Wins are small objectives that can be completed within a game. These might include tasks like building a certain number of houses or trading properties. Completing these Quick Wins not only progresses your game but also rewards you with flowers.

Open the Free Gift from the Store: Monopoly GO! offers a Free Gift in the store at regular intervals. Make sure to claim this gift whenever it’s available, as it often contains flowers among other useful items.

Milestone Rewards in Tournaments: Participating in tournaments is not only a great way to test your Monopoly skills against other players but also a way to earn flowers. Reaching certain milestones in these tournaments can reward you with a significant number of flowers.

Receive Partner Gifts: Collaborating with other players is a core aspect of Partner Events. You can receive flowers as gifts from your partners. This encourages player interaction and teamwork, making the event more engaging and social.

Additional Tips for Maximizing Flower Collection

  • Stay Active: Regular play increases your chances of collecting more flowers. Engage with the game daily to make the most out of every opportunity to earn flowers.
  • Join a Community: Being part of a Monopoly GO! community, whether it’s an online forum or a social media group, can provide valuable insights and tips on collecting flowers more efficiently.
  • Plan Your Strategy: Each game of Monopoly GO! is different. Adapt your strategy based on the board’s layout and your current position. Sometimes, it might be worth taking a longer route to land on a flower tile.
  • Keep an Eye on Events: Special events often offer additional ways to earn flowers. Stay informed about any ongoing or upcoming events to take full advantage of these opportunities.


Gardening Partners in Monopoly GO! adds an exciting layer to the classic game, blending the traditional elements of Monopoly with new, collaborative challenges. Collecting flowers might seem daunting at first, but with the right strategies and a bit of teamwork, you can make significant progress and reap the rewards. Remember, the key to success in these Partner Events is not just in how many flowers you collect, but also in how you collaborate with others and enjoy the journey along the way. Happy gardening, and may your strategic moves bring you a blooming success in Monopoly GO!

FAQs: How To get Free Flowers On Monopoly Go

What are the primary ways to earn free flowers in Monopoly GO?

The primary ways to earn free flowers in Monopoly GO include landing on tiles with flower tokens, completing Quick Wins, opening the Free Gift available in the store, achieving milestone rewards in tournaments, and receiving Partner Gifts from other players.

Can I get flowers every day in Monopoly GO?

Yes, you can potentially get flowers every day by logging in daily to claim the Free Gift from the store, which often contains flowers. Additionally, playing regularly increases your chances of landing on flower tiles and completing Quick Wins.

Do flowers have any special functionality in the game?

In the context of the Gardening Partners event, flowers serve as tokens that can be traded for opportunities to spin a wheel, granting you points towards filling a progress bar for prizes. Beyond this, they don't have any unique functionality.

Is it possible to trade or exchange items for flowers in the game?

Yes, it is possible to trade or exchange certain items with other players for flowers. This is part of the collaborative aspect of the Gardening Partners event, where players can exchange resources to help each other progress.

How important is strategy in collecting flowers in Monopoly GO?

Strategy plays a significant role in collecting flowers efficiently. This includes planning your moves to land on flower tiles, actively participating in tournaments for milestone rewards, and collaborating with other players for Partner Gifts. Additionally, staying informed about special events and challenges that offer flowers as rewards can greatly enhance your collection strategy.

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