Monopoly Go Free Oven Mitts Links

Monopoly Go Free Oven Mitts Links: Let’s de­lve into every me­thod for snagging free mitts in Monopoly Go. This will assist you in wrapping up the Thanksgiving Partners gathe­ring.

How to get Free Oven Mitts in Monopoly Go

The event Thanksgiving Partners runs both on your collecting the token oven mitts and then having the chance to spin the wheel to bake pumpkin pies getting your points enabling you to win the event. Next, aside from that, you get 5000 free dice links, a turkey token, and a galaxy sticker pack.

Here’s a complete guide on how to get the free mitts in Monopoly Go.

Free Mitts Links

“There isn’t,” is the answer for now. And infact, as a player of the game, I have to wish them in. You may count on me, hope you do, so do I, etc., I know for sure that they will. Just like free dice links can you go straight forward with them, clicking them will open up the game on your device and automatically grant you the bonus.

We are at the end of Thanksgiving Partners, and it’s not long before the free mitts links go live. I bet you…Monopolygodicelinks will track those free mitts links down in every corner we can.

Gifts from Partners

Though friends or partners aren’t able to give you mitts, you can still get a fair number of mitts for each response you partner made on a partner spin every turn you two do when he/she lands on the partner segment of the wheel they will get the equal amount of mitts as your partner has used.

To find the presents that your friends have given you, tap the friends link at the bottom of the game and then select the Timeline option. When a friend or a partner has given you any free dice or free mitts to collect, they would be seen there.

Quick Wins

Being a reliable and easy way to get free mitts is smart. To go to the Quick Wins menu click on the ‘Win’ tab at the bottom of the game. Complete those tasks and for the duration of the partners event, there may be free mitts as part of the rewards that you get for completing individual quick wins.


Changes to Monopoly Go tournaments happen either once daily or once every two days. It is the event which is linked to on the right side of the game.

While you take part in a tournament you can earn mitts by landing on Railroads going straight to either of the games- Training or Bank Heist- to earn some tournament points. As you earn points, you go through the 25 or 30 gift milestones that are usually in a tournament, and while there is a partner event running, some of those gift milestones will be mitts.

Main Events

Main events are the ones listed at the top of the game screen, main events usually run for 2-4 days.

Primarily, in addition to main events, you can also collect unique special event items like mitts from the main events. Our page has your answers on which main events are currently on. Therefore stay aware, our page has all the current main events listed.

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Free Shop Gift

As well, every 8 hours, independent of whether an event with partners is happening currently or not, there is a chance to pick up free shop gifts. But when it is an event happening, you can generally get a free event token there as part of the gift package.

If you do not know where the free shop gift is, put your finger on the three horizontal lines on top of the game, pick the update button, then scroll through about the top five times. Then, either you will have to wait for the time to be spent or you will get a nice present like a one-time timer and tap the gift box to open it.

On the Game Board

Of course, one direct and easy way almost everyone can get mitts is by landing on them on the game board. These mitts are clearly visible on the tiles scattered all over the board. You need to alight somewhere, where each oven mitt is equal to your dice roll result in your previous turn.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get free Oven Mitts in Monopoly GO?

You can earn free Oven Mitts through various in-game activities such as completing daily missions, participating in special events, or collecting rewards from the Fortune Patrol event.

Are there any specific events where I can earn more Oven Mitts?

Yes, during the Thanksgiving Partners event from November 21st to 26th, players can earn extra Oven Mitts by completing event-specific challenges and milestones.

Can I get Oven Mitts by leveling up in the game?

Yes, leveling up can sometimes reward you with Oven Mitts, especially during special promotional periods or events.

Is there a daily limit to the number of free Oven Mitts I can earn?

While there isn't a strict daily limit, the number of free Oven Mitts you can earn is typically limited by the availability of daily missions, event challenges, and other in-game activities.

Can I purchase Oven Mitts with in-game currency?

While the primary way to earn Oven Mitts is through gameplay, some events might offer the option to purchase additional Oven Mitts using in-game currency or real money during special promotions