Monopoly GO: All Fortune Patrol Rewards & Milestones

Monopoly GO: All Fortune Patrol Rewards & Milestones: ‘Fortune Patrol’ is the Monopoly GO! latest event of 2024. By playing the game, players can score points and reach different target points. This, in return, will give them access to a variety of in-game rewards that come in the form of – Cash, Robo Tokens, Sticker Packs, and free Dice rolls. It will go on for three days, from the 18th of May, where the players will have 16140 free rolls to earn in addition to other rewards after they reach the threshold of the final round.

Together with the improved version of ‘Fortune Patrol’ is the main theme for the players that have to do their best since such a large amount of bonuses are waiting for them, which will enable them to keep ahead of their competitors during the event. This article is going to mark up the prizes together with their associated points and give some pointers on bonus mechanics, within the new ‘Fortune Patrol’.

Monopoly GO Fortune Patrol Rewards and Milestones

The Monopoly GO! ‘Fortune Patrol,’ the new game event, requires each of the participants to be as active as possible by accumulating points over the next 3 days and reaching higher milestones. In each milestone, different kinds of rewards will be available of course, but also, other stuff such as Sticker Packs, Robo Tokens and free Dice rolls are given based on a player’s performance. Either you can benefit from 16,140 Dice rolls if you join the ‘Cold Snap’ event. Below, we list all the rewards and milestones for the new event ‘Fortune Patrol’ in Monopoly GO!

Event Level Points Required Fortune Patrol Rewards
1 25 40 Robo Partners Tokens
2 20 Sticker Pack
3 40 25x Dice Rolls
4 45 50x Robo Partners Tokens
5 150 90x Dice Rolls
6 40 Cash
7 50 70x Robo Partners Tokens
8 55 One-Star Sticker Pack
9 65 100 Robo Partners tokens
10 375 225x Dice Rolls
11 60 120 Robo Partners tokens
12 75 Cash
13 90 One-Star Sticker Pack
14 80 150x Robo Partners Tokens
15 100 Cash
16 850 475x Dice Rolls
17 100 180x Robo Partners tokens
18 110 Sticker Pack
19 120 Five minutes of Cash Boost
20 115 Cash
21 1,300 650 Dice Rolls
22 150 200x Robo Partners Tokens
23 160 Cash
24 175 Sticker Pack
25 200 Cash
26 2,000 900x Dice Rolls
27 300 10 minutes of High Roller
28 350 Sticker Pack
29 375 125x Dice Rolls
30 250 280x Robo Partners Tokens
31 1,500 Cash
32 450 150x Dice Rolls
33 500 Cash
34 650 25 minutes of Rent Frenzy
35 850 350x Robo Partners Tokens
36 5,000 2,000x Dice Rolls
37 800 Sticker Pack
38 900 Cash
39 1,000 Sticker Pack
40 1,500 350x Robo Partners Tokens
41 10,000 3,500x Dice Rolls
42 1,600 20 minutes of High Roller
43 1,800 400x Robo Partners Tokens
44 1,900 Sticker Pack
45 8,000 Cash
46 2,000 500x Dice Rolls
47 3,000 Cash
48 3,500 500x Robo Partners Tokens
49 4,000 15 minutes of Cash Grab
50 17,500 7,500x Dice Rolls

How to Earn Points For Fortune Patrol in Monopoly GO

Elocution is used for different purposes to earn points for the new ‘Fortune Patrol’ event in Monopoly GO! The bonuses for this event are based around the Chance, Community Chest, and Railroad tiles. This implies that it is necessary to land on these three tiles in order to earn the highest number of points. For example, the Railroad tile will give you a 50% advantage over other tokens and increase your payout by twice as much. So, how does the Railroad bear the name of the characteristic van or would they, the rich, have forgotten what they so discontinuously contribute in the way of gain to themselves? In either way you will sink into poverty. On the contrary, it will help you because the more dice multipliers you get in quests it will be easier for you to club these three tiles and succeed in your mission. The article was employed to explain how to play the game in the step-by-step manner and that it would be more convincing and enjoyable material.

The turning point to your life will be reached the day you start playing the game together with friends. The idea of multiple tournaments that will sometimes overlap with each other is very interesting. That means that a lot of people will join you to witness events where you can make the most of your team. Players can also win other bonuses which are given by the game in the form of keys. This not only has made some rules standardized and more accessible but also has formalized the game in terms of the playing surfaces and their appearances. If all of this works out successfully, the 14th of April 1993 will be the date for the tournament.

That’s all about the event ‘Fortune Patrol’ which is happening in Monopoly GO. This weekend event, beginning on May 18th and ending in the evening of May 21st, is set to create an atmosphere of competition that is sufficiently intense to be classified as a watershed moment. By the time you have gone through it, you will have gotten to understand Monopoly GO better, and if you’d be interested in finding even more Monopoly GO news and guides, you can check our separate section on the website! Here.