Monopoly Go: How To Play Ice Cream Partners

A new five-day partner event called “Ice Cream Partners” is set to begin at 8:30 AM ET on July 10th. Based on data mined information, here’s everything you need to know about this event and how to play partner events in general on Monopoly Go.

Ice Cream Partners Rewards

Ice Cream Partners offers numerous rewards, including milestone rewards for completing individual items and a grand prize for completing all four. Here’s a breakdown of what you can win and the points required for each reward.

Next milestone points Total points needed Reward
2,500 points 2,500 points 200 free dice rolls
6,000 points 8,500 points Money
13,000 points 21,500 points 200-300 free dice rolls and game money
26,500 points 48,000 points 300-500 free dice rolls, three star pink sticker pack, and high roller boost
32,000 points 80,000 points (completion of 1 attraction) 400-600 free dice rolls, game money, four star blue sticker pack, and cash boost

If you manage to complete all four builds then the grand prize is:

  • 5,000 Dice
  • Five Star Purple Sticker Pack
  • Ice Cream Truck board token

How to Play Ice Cream Partners

You can play Ice Cream Partners with one random partner, but you’ll only complete one build this way. To maximize your experience, you’ll need four partners. Work with them to collect partner event tokens, which you then use to spin a wheel in the Ice Cream Partners event to earn points towards your attractions.

Tips for Finding Good Partners

Finding reliable partners is key to success in any partner event. Here are some tips:

  1. Check Your Friends List: Look at your leaderboard to identify top players who are active.
  2. Monopoly Go Forum: Join the forum to find serious players looking for reliable partners.
  3. Previous Partners: Remember past partners who performed well and consider inviting them again.
  4. Evaluate Invites: Don’t accept every invite; check the player’s position on your leaderboard first.
  5. Online Communities: Use subReddits and Discords dedicated to Monopoly Go. Some players share their availability and stats there.
  6. Site Comments: Leave a note and your friend code in the comments on the event guide page to find partners among site visitors.

How to Add Partners

To add a partner, click on one of the green plus icons in the middle of the board. You’ll see a list of potential partners, including those who have invited you. Accept an invite by tapping the accept button or invite someone from your friends list by pressing the invite button. Choose wisely, as you can’t change partners later.

Earning More Ice Cream Partners Event Tokens

You can earn event tokens through various methods:

  1. Main Banner Event: Check the tournament and main event rewards and milestones list to determine how far you want to go.
  2. Shop Reward: Tap the three lines at the top of the game, enter the shop, and scroll to find the eight-hour reward.
  3. Quick Wins: Complete daily quick wins at 9 AM ET for a good amount of tokens.
  4. Game Board: Land on event token spaces to earn tokens equivalent to the number of dice thrown.
  5. Tournaments: Participate in daily or bi-daily tournaments for tokens from milestones and leaderboard positions.
  6. Main Banner Events: Every 2-4 days, a new main event starts, offering event tokens for certain milestones.

Event and Tournament Strategy

To maximize event tokens while minimizing dice spend, focus on the banner event or tournament ending first. Stagger your progress across overlapping events to avoid reaching difficult milestones too quickly.

Ice Cream Partners FAQs

How many points to complete the event?

You'll need 80,000 points for one build and 320,000 points for the entire event. Both partners can claim the same rewards regardless of individual contributions.

Is there a Wild Sticker reward for this event?

No, the final reward is a purple sticker pack, not a wild sticker.

Should I complete each attraction individually first?

Instead of completing one item at a time, add all partners early and distribute points across all builds, aiming to match your partners' progress.

Are there any free event token links for Ice Cream Partners?

If any free event token links are distributed, they will be posted alongside the daily free dice links page.

Following these guidelines will help you make the most of the Ice Cream Partners event and enhance your Monopoly Go experience.