Monopoly GO: All Sunset Treasures Rewards & Milestones (4 July, 2024)

In addition to the many events and tournaments that Scopely introduces almost every day, each month we see a different partner event, various mini-games like the Peg-E Prize Drop and Treasure Hunting, and we’re even getting a new sticker album in 12 days. In this article, we will cover the latest Treasure Hunting mini-game called ‘Sunset Treasures’, its release date, and its milestones and rewards.

Sunset Treasures Rewards, Release Date & More

Sunset Treasures is set to be released on July 4th, 2024. This time, Sunset Treasures will include 20 levels, down from the previous 25 levels in the dig mini-game. Here’s a preview of the rewards you can expect at each level. Like previous mini-games, it offers a variety of rewards that you can earn by reaching different milestone Levels. By playing the mini-game and digging for various items in each category, you will achieve these milestones and earn significant rewards, including Cash, Sticker packs, new shields, a new board token, and tons of free Dice Rolls. Here is the complete list of rewards and milestones for the new Sunset Treasures mini-game in Monopoly GO!

Level Reward
1 50 Rolls
2 Cash
3 100 Rolls
4 5 Stickers
5 150 Rolls
6 200 Rolls
7 Cash
8 175 Rolls
9 200 Rolls
10 Sticker
11 600 Rolls
12 10 Stickers
13 400 Rolls
14 Cash
15 200 Rolls
16 15 Stickers
17 Sticker
18 500 Rolls
19 Cash
20 2500 Rolls + 5 Sticker Pack + cash
Grand Prize 5-Star Sticker Pack, 2500 Rolls, Cash

Grand Prize Details

As we continue to expand the Monopoly Games sticker album, the grand prize has been updated. Unfortunately, it no longer includes a Wild Sticker. Instead, the final reward now offers a 5-Star Sticker Pack, 2,500 dice rolls, and plenty of in-game cash. These rewards will help you advance in the game and enjoy even more fun.

Unlock Exclusive Tokens and Shields

Throughout the event, players will have the opportunity to unlock the exclusive Pharaoh Scottie token and the Scarab Sentinel shield. These unique items are a must-have for any dedicated Monopoly GO! player.

How to Earn Pickaxe Tokens in Monopoly GO

To successfully navigate the milestones of Sunset Treasures, acquiring Pickaxe tokens is essential. There are several straightforward methods to collect them:

  1. Complete Quick Wins: Achieve your quick win objectives.
  2. Free Gifts: Look out for Pickaxe tokens included in your free gifts.
  3. Daily Tournaments and Events: Participate in daily tournaments and events to earn free tokens.

The best strategy is to use all the methods listed above and accumulate a large number of Pickaxe tokens. This approach is particularly beneficial before engaging in the digging mini-game. It will be inefficient to open the game and try to reveal items whenever you get just 10 new Pickaxe tokens.


And that concludes our guide on the next Treasure Hunting event in Monopoly GO – Sunset Treasures. Make sure you have free dice rolls saved up, because you will want to grab that Wild Sticker if you haven’t completed your Monopoly Origins album yet. If this guide has been helpful, check out our Latest Free Dice Rolls in Monopoly GO and Today’s Event Schedule.