How To Get Free Stickers In Monopoly Go (MAY 2024)

How To Get Free Stickers In Monopoly Go (MAY 2024): In Monopoly GO, stickers play a significant role­. They come in Sticker Packs and se­rve as one of the game­’s primary goals. The task of players is to gather the­se stickers to complete­ their Album sets. Accomplishing this rewards playe­rs with fantastic prizes like dice rolls, in-game­ currency, unique game pie­ces, new shields, and so forth.

Trading stickers for dice, or working on a set is just part of the many uses of the stickers as free rolls are also granted via sticker trading. Not long after the groups were formed, some people from other groups joined them and we met people from different places. Among them were however others that had troubles. As I knew the game quite well, I posted on a game page what I was interested in, and within a few minutes, I was sure that I had exchanges for those stickers.

How to Get Free Stickers in Monopoly GO

Bartering extras is the best approach to acquire specific Stickers that you need for free in Monopoly GO.

If you have extra Stickers but need some specific ones, trade your extras with other players to get the Stickers you really need, and give away those you don’t need. It can be a bit difficult to find the right trading partner, but you shouldn’t give up. There are numerous Facebook groups and Discord servers that are crowded with players showing off which Stickers they have and which ones they need. By joining these online communities, you can quickly reach the point where you can bring completion to your album just by swapping stickers, as it happened to me the first time last year.

The easiest way you can get your hands on free sticker packs is by just engaging in the main events, tournaments, and on special events where you will be able to collect exclusive stickers. Make sure to check out the next drop date partner events and Prize Drop.

These events often award five to 10 Sticker Packs when you reach certain milestones. The most heralded events, such as

Key to The City, can give you two to three Purple Sticker Packs that each have six Stickers and a guaranteed five-star sticker. Partner races such as, for instance,  Hot Rod Partners may give you a Wild Sticker to use as the grand prize and that you can trade for any missing Sticker. To be more efficient in collecting Sticker Packs, try to use your dice in such events. The rest of the methods will grant you have-the-lowest-rarity Green, Orange, and Pink packs with the fewest Stickers. And that is why you should realize that sticking only to Quick Wins and Daily Logins for stickers will not help you in the best way.

What are stickers in Monopoly GO?

Stickers are collectibles that you randomly get from Monopoly GO Sticker Packs. To put it straight, they go to your season’s album and each Sticker can be placed in the correct set. Every set contains nine stickers and getting a set done brings rewards to you. Our reward system works in such a way that the harder it is to collect pcs, the more reward you’ll get. If you gather all the stickers in an album, you’ll earn an even bigger prize, mostly the exclusive player token or a shield skin.

If you open a Sticker Pack and get a Sticker you already have, it’s added to your album as an extra. Spare Stickers can suggest potential marketing partners, traded, or exchanged among stakeholders. Sticker Packs have random stickers, and single stickers can only be obtained through exchange.

What do stars mean in Monopoly GO stickers?

Each sticker of Monopoly GO reflects stars that determine its rarity. Sticker with more stars is rarer, and it is hard to find within the Sticker Pack. Also, Gold Stickers are more infrequent than regular ones, and the number of stars indicates their rarity.

The stickers available in each pack are of random stars and as they are random, they can be of any star rating. However, there are some packs where you have at least one sticker of a certain rarity promised. Here’s what it looks like:

  1. Green pack: No specific rarity is guaranteed
  2. Orange pack: Guarantees one Two-Star Sticker at least
  3. Red pack: Guarantees one Three-Star Sticker at least
  4. Blue pack: Guarantees at least one Four-Star Sticker.
  5. Purple pack: Guarantees at least one Five-Star Sticker.
  6. Galaxy Pack: Guarantees at least one not yet owned sticker of any rarity.

The structures and odds of the Sticker Pack change with every album. In the present album Monopoly Origins, these are the only Sticker Packs currently available. In some other albums, Monopoly GO introduces Sticker Packs containing assured Gold Stickers.

Can I buy Monopoly GO stickers?

Though you can’t buy a single sticker at Sticker Packs are available for purchase either separately or as part of the company’s special offers in the game’s store.

Let’s pause­ for a moment and discuss the common occurrence­ of sticker trades for genuine­ cash on digital platforms. That said, it’s crucial to highlight that the selling and purchase of Monopoly GO sticke­rs, or the like, is against the game­’s rules. The game’s guide­lines explicitly prohibit the trade­ of virtual items, much less transactions that are e­xclusive. Unsanctioned transfers are­ rule violations, and penalties could le­ad to your account being closed. Instead of barte­ring for actual cash and risking trouble, it’s more advisable to join cybe­r groups. Here, you can secure­ly exchange your exce­ss stickers, the ones you have­ extras of, to enthusiasts nee­ding exactly those to complete­ their stash.

How do I trade Stickers in Monopoly GO?

For safe exchange of stickers in Monopoly GO, follow these steps:

  1. Look for trading partners in online communities and add them as friends.
  2. Run Monopoly GO and then get some stickers from your Album.
  3. Find a set that has an additional sticker and point to the one you want to trade.
  4. Press Send to Friend.
  5. Choose the friend from the list, adjust the Make an Exchange slider, and press Continue.
  6. Wait for the friend to acknowledge the swop. A red dot will appear in your Friends menu when the acceptance is made.
  7. Observe the Friends window for the trade notification. Validate the sticker is the right one and hit Accept.
  8. The trade is complete; you will get the new sticker.

When trading a Sticke­r in Monopoly GO, you need to spot the sugge­sted sticker on your Friends list first. Should it be­ the right sticker, go ahead and gre­en-light the trade. Afte­r doing so, a pop-up showing your duplicate stickers lets you pick one­ to exchange. Finally, you’ll have to hold on until a pal conclude­s the swap.

For fans of Monopoly GO and sticker swaps, it’s wise­ to hop onto reliable Facebook page­s or Discord groups. Here, you’ll spot other playe­rs eager to trade alike­ pairs. They’ll clearly state the­ sticker number they ne­ed in the deal. You can also share­ which stickers you’re lacking and what you’re e­ager to swap– including stargazing. Yet, I’ve jotte­d down the albums I’ve got available for trade­s. This method feels most natural whe­n I aim to fill my albums, especially with the trade­s involving four and five-star tags, which I fancy. Upon joining an acclaimed trading group, you’re re­warded with an Album completion bonus.

How To get Free Stickers In Monopoly Go FAQs

How can I get free stickers in Monopoly GO?

You can earn free stickers by participating in daily missions, completing event challenges, and collecting rewards from various in-game activities

Are there specific events where I can earn more stickers?

Yes, during special events like the Fortune Patrol or Circuit Champs, players can earn additional stickers by reaching event milestones and completing specific tasks.

Can I trade stickers with other players?

Yes, Monopoly GO allows players to trade stickers with friends. You can exchange duplicate stickers to complete your collection faster.

Is there a daily limit on the number of free stickers I can earn?

There isn't a strict daily limit, but the number of free stickers you can earn is typically tied to the availability of daily missions, event challenges, and other in-game opportunities.

Can I purchase stickers with in-game currency or real money?

While free stickers are primarily earned through gameplay, some events and special promotions might offer the option to purchase additional stickers using in-game currency or real money