How To Get Free Cash In Monopoly Go (8 Methods)

Monopoly Go: How To Get Free Cash In Monopoly Go: Monopoly GO! Is a digital adaptation of the classic board game based on economics, Monopoly. Players must take a chance with every dice roll, hoping to make enough money to construct numerous landmarks within their city.

RehumanizeCash is the most vital resource in Monopoly GO! you can’t play without it. Without cash, players cannot buy properties and properties are how you earn rent – which is ultimately what wins games. Therefore, running out of funds is an absolute disaster for anyone trying to build an empire. Luckily enough for us all however; here are some ways you can get more money in Monopoly GO!

8 Best Methods To Get Free Cash In Monopoly Go?

Collect Rent Using The Dice Multiplier

In Monopoly GO!, an extremely effective method of gaining an advantage over all other players is by collecting rent with a higher Dice Multiplier. This will multiply the entire rent that would normally be received from a property by the amount specified on the dice.

Also, if someone lands on Bond Street or Park Lane (which are both high rent tiles), they can get more cash and thus speed up their earnings. With this extra money people could buy additional pieces of land which could then rented out etc., thus creating some sort of regular income.

Open Community Chests Daily

The “Community Chests” is a good way to make money in Monopoly GO! This mini-game is full of fun and enjoyment where players can open chests with friends having valuable things in them. After every 24 hours the chests will reset so that a player could open them again each day.

Every player has got an opportunity to spin the wheel of luck and win their share from the Daily Jackpots among other prizes too. Besides that, landing on tiles corresponding to Community Chests location on board game increases its worth.

Completing Quick Wins

Other than that Quick Wins provide an easy means for earning quick cash in Monopoly GO! This particular feature becomes available at a certain Net Worth level but once unlocked guarantees high returns such as money prizes as well as dice rolls and sticker packs too.

Located at the bottom left corner of the screen Quick Wins tab contains three different tasks that can be completed by players to earn extra income. Typically these challenges are simple like upgrading landmarks or passing specific tiles number of times set respectively – after finishing any task tap on it so you may claim what belongs to you.

Daily Logins & Daily Gifts

The game provides a cash reward if users login to Monopoly GO! every day, ensuring they stay afloat. This amount also increases with each consecutive login.

Also, players can get free stuff from shops daily according to Daily Login Bonus in Monopoly GO! Huge cash amounts, fun sticker packs and dice rolls are among the rewards offered. Interestingly enough, these gifts change every eight hours so one may come back later in the day for bigger winnings.

Completing Sticker Sets

It’s always fun making money while having fun – and that’s exactly what completing sticker albums does in Monopoly GO! New albums come out regularly with different themes and multiple sets of stickers in each. They have nine stickers per set which when completed by users rewards them with a lot more cash than usual as well as some dice rolls too!

Players are also given extra prizes if they manage complete entire collections so it’s important not to miss any chances at finding these items – even if one has to borrow from friends!

Shutdown The Weakest Landmarks

Monopoly GO! includes a mini-game called Shutdown which is both deviously fun and strategic. This game enables one player to target another player’s buildings and knock them down using a wrecking ball thus disrupting their plans in a calculated manner while earning rewards for doing so along the way.

So as to get the best out of it, players should concentrate on the weakest landmarks according to this method. This can be achieved easily by choosing an opponent whose properties are falling apart already. If there is smoke around a landmark, then it’s a clear sign that there are no shields protecting there.

Bank Heists

In Monopoly GO!, Bank Heists are a great way to make money. Players can also opt for Mega Bank Heists where the rewards are even bigger if they manage matching three blocks of gold.

One is given an opportunity to break into the bank of another player and walk away with large sums of money. The only thing required is lining up three tiles – cash stacks, silver coins or diamond rings – then the cash will be wired into their account.

Passing Through The Go Tile

In Monopoly GO!, the Go Tile marks the starting point for players. Whenever they step over or land on it, a certain amount of money is given to them. To increase their earnings from this space, one should use the Dice Multiplier before approaching it because doing so raises the base amount significantly hence creating passive income for the individuals involved.

However, they don’t have to actually land on this spot in order get paid; therefore making it an easy way of earning extra cash.

How To Get Free Cash In Monopoly Go FAQs

Can I get free cash in Monopoly Go?

No, Monopoly Go doesn't directly give away free cash. However, you can earn in-game money through various methods like strategic gameplay and completing tasks.

How can I get more dice rolls, which helps me earn cash?

There are several ways to get free dice rolls in Monopoly Go:

  • Daily rewards: Log in every day to collect your bonus.
  • Completing missions: The game offers missions that reward you with dice rolls upon completion.
  • Free dice roll links: Look online for websites or communities sharing free dice roll links for Monopoly Go.
  • Inviting friends: Invite friends to play and get rewarded with dice rolls when they join.
  • Leveling up: As your net worth increases in the game, you'll receive free dice rolls.

Are there any hacks or cheats to get unlimited cash?

Be wary of websites or videos promising unlimited cash or dice rolls in Monopoly Go. These are often scams or methods that violate the game's terms of service. It's best to stick to the legitimate methods mentioned earlier.

Can watching ads get me free cash?

While Monopoly Go doesn't directly offer free cash for watching ads, you might see options to watch ads after a game to continue playing or receive a small bonus.

What’s the best strategy to earn cash in Monopoly Go?

Focus on strategic gameplay. Landing on the right properties, making good deals, and collecting rent from opponents are all key to building your in-game fortune. Completing sticker sets and participating in events can also bring cash rewards.