Monopoly GO: All Captain’s Quest Rewards and Milestone

Scopely keeps adding new solo events and leaderboards almost every day. Today’s solo event is known as Captain’s Quest which offers a wide variety of rewards such as Cash, Sticker Packs, Dice Rolls, and many Pickaxe tokens for the Sunken Treasures mini-game.

Players are able to also gain different boosts in the game for example Cash Grab, High Roller or Cash Boost among others. Participants will earn points towards various milestones but the ultimate one gives them an opportunity to win up to 13,845 Dice Rolls. In this article, we take an extensive look at what you can get from the event as well as some tips and strategies that can help maximize your earnings while playing Monopoly GO’s Captain’s Quest solo event.

Monopoly GO: Captain’s Quest Rewards and Milestone

Captain’s Quest is just like any other Monopoly GO event. All these events use points systems where every goal reached earns participants prizes accordingly. It provides many chances for winning high amounts of Sticker Packs along with Dice Rolls too!

Remember, Captain’s Quest includes 50 tiers and spans across two days, starting on May 25th. To maximize your future earnings, try to score as many points as possible. You will receive a total of 13,845 Dice Rolls and 235 Pickaxe tokens for reaching the final milestone. Here is the full list of rewards and milestones for Monopoly GO’s solo event Captain’s Quest.

Milestone Points Captain’s Quest Loot Rewards
1 3 10 Dice Rolls
2 10 3 Pickaxe tokens
3 10 Sticker Pack
4 10 Cash
5 60 100 Dice Rolls
6 15 3 Pickaxe tokens
7 20 Cash
8 25 10 Minutes Cash Grab
9 20 5 Pickaxe Tokens
10 150 225 Dice Rolls
11 25 Sticker Pack
12 30 6 Pickaxe tokens
13 40 Cash
14 45 7 Pickaxe tokens
15 400 500 Dice Rolls
16 45 8 Pickaxe tokens
17 50 Sticker Pack
18 55 Cash
19 60 10 Pickaxe tokens
20 800 850 Dice Rolls
21 60 Sticker Pack
22 65 12 Pickaxe tokens
23 70 70 Dice Rolls
24 80 Cash
25 1,200 1,100 Dice Rolls
26 90 10 Minutes High Roller
27 100 15 Pickaxe Tokens
28 115 Sticker Pack
29 140 140 Dice Rolls
30 1,000 Cash
31 200 Sticker Pack
32 250 200 Dice Rolls
33 300 26 Pickaxe tokens
34 350 Cash
35 1,600 1,400 Dice Rolls
36 500 5 Minutes Cash Boost
37 550 Sticker Pack
38 700 Cash
39 800 30 Pickaxe tokens
40 2,500 2,000 Dice Rolls
41 900 15 Minutes High Roller
42 950 Cash
43 1,000 45 Pickaxe tokens
44 1,100 600 Dice Rolls
45 2,000 Cash
46 1,150 650 Dice Rolls
47 1,200 Sticker Pack
48 1,300 65 Pickaxe tokens
49 1,400 Cash
50 6,200 6,000 Dice Rolls

How to Earn Points For Captain’s Quest  in Monopoly GO

Captain’s Quest is about collecting Pickups. Points are obtained by landing on spaces with Pickups, which only appear on property tiles. These are slightly more difficult to land on compared to railway spaces. Use the following trick if you would like to achieve multiple objectives within this event; increase the dice multiplier when Pickups are 5-9 spaces away from you. Until you get closer to them, keep it at x1 if there are no Pickups within 12 spaces from where you are.

And that’s all about the solo event of Captain’s Quest in Monopoly GO. This event will last for two full days, ending on May 27th. Make sure you grab every single free Dice roll you can get your hands on. We hope this guide helps increase your earnings so that one day you might become the richest player in Monopoly GO. Don’t forget to check out today’s events schedule for Monopoly GO!

FAQs about “Monopoly GO: All Captain’s Quest Rewards and Milestone

What is the Captain’s Quest in Monopoly GO?

The Captain's Quest is a special event in Monopoly GO where players embark on a themed adventure to complete various tasks and challenges. As players progress through the quest, they unlock different rewards and reach milestones that enhance their gameplay experience.

What types of rewards can I earn from the Captain’s Quest?

Rewards from the Captain's Quest include in-game currency, additional dice, exclusive property upgrades, special tokens, and other valuable items that help players advance more quickly and build their empires.

How do I reach milestones in the Captain’s Quest?

Milestones in the Captain's Quest are reached by completing specific tasks and challenges set within the event. These tasks often involve collecting certain items, achieving high scores, or completing rounds of the game. Each milestone reached unlocks new rewards and advances the player further in the quest.

Are the rewards and milestones the same for all players in the Captain’s Quest?

While the general structure of the Captain's Quest is the same for all players, the specific rewards and milestones can vary depending on the player’s progress and performance in the event. Higher-performing players may receive more valuable rewards and reach milestones more quickly.

Can I participate in multiple Captain’s Quest events simultaneously?

Typically, only one Captain's Quest event is active at a time in Monopoly GO. Players are encouraged to focus on the current event to maximize their rewards and milestones before the event concludes. Keeping track of event timelines and participating actively ensures you make the most of each Captain's Quest.