When Is the Next Monopoly GO High Roller Event?: Schedule and Dates

When Is the Next Monopoly GO High Roller Event?: Schedule and Dates: Monopoly GO’s High Roller is a flash event that makes an emphasis on the high risk-high rewards concept. If you’re not convinced by anything else except the High Roller benefit then you need to mark the High Roller schedule in the calendar.

Is there a daily High Roller event in Monopoly GO today?

When Is the Next Monopoly GO High Roller Event

As it stands today, May 15 there are no High Roller flash events the game is expected to have scheduled apart from solo events and tournaments. No High Roller flash event before May 26, just according to leakers. If a High Roller event is active when you play or log in, then, apart from that, the event will begin automatically, only log in if you’re also able to commit at least five minutes to it.

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Is there a High Roller reward in active events today?

That is possible to score High Roller on your to-do list today, on the 15th of May, in the following episodes:

  1. Reef Rush on milestone 24 (20 minutes).
  2. Habitat Heroes on milestone 22 (15 minutes).

High Roller expected schedule in Monopoly GO

Usually, you’ll get a High Roller for about five minutes almost daily, say four days in a row, while some days may appear with two or three. Yet an occasional one occurs, just for a few days, most of the time compensated by multiple events. Specifically, return to March, where we saw very few days without High Roller on the calendar whereas remaining days had at least one instance of HR tagging along.

The timing of these daily events slopes down globally, since the events kick off worldwide simultaneously. Scopely, the developer, restructures the starting times in light of the fact that Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Americas may find gamers in different time zones every time. Sadly, determined players are at a disadvantage as there are no clearly understood timelines for the beginning of these events, but we know only a few hours before they occur. For instance, based on the High Roller game events standard throughout April, save for tournaments and solo events, it occurs in the early hours of the morning.

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Even if a High Roller is not live, most new main events and tournaments give a player a starting boost for only five minutes. For poker players in America, this is your best option to go and chase the fast high roller tournament. When playing Monopoly GO, make sure to plan your gaming hours according to the time when games of monopoly GO Reward Flash are running in order to win maximal rewards relatively to the expenses of being at a higher stake.

Past High Roller events

We got you covered on when the last six High Roller events took place in Monopoly GO. We’ll update this article as things proceed.

Date Time window (CT) High Roller duration
April 28 11pm to 1:59am
8pm to 10:59pm
Five minutes
April 27 11am to 1:59pm Five minutes
April 21 2am to 7:59am CT Five minutes
April 20 8am to 1:59pm Five minutes
April 19 12am to 4:59am
8am to 7:59am
Five minutes
10 minutes
April 18 11am to 4:59pm Five minutes

How High Roller works and how to get the most out of it

High Roller increases your dice and rewards multiplier to a maximum of x1,000. The idea proposed by this increment is to make the game more captivating and risky at the same time because a roll that multiplies 1,000 times can get you thousands of tokens if it hits the desired box. The same high multiplier, however, can bring about substantial losses if one fails.

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If you wish to exploit the High Roller option to its full potential, then bring it to life during events and tournaments with a variety of scoring squares. This will improve the chances of hitting more good tiles with the same move and less risky lost money. Additionally, the airplane mode trick can be employed to stop losing your dice after failing the rolls.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next Monopoly GO High Roller Event scheduled to begin?

The exact start date for the next Monopoly GO High Roller Event has not been announced yet. Typically, these events are announced a few weeks in advance. Be sure to check the official Monopoly GO social media pages and in-game announcements for the latest updates.

How long does the High Roller Event usually last?

The High Roller Event typically runs for about a week, providing players with ample time to participate and earn rewards.

What kind of rewards can I expect during the High Roller Event?

During the High Roller Event, players can expect to earn exclusive rewards such as high-value game currency, rare game pieces, and special in-game bonuses. The specific rewards are usually detailed in the event announcement.

How can I take part in the Monopoly GO High Roller Event?

To participate in the High Roller Event, simply log into Monopoly GO during the event period. Complete designated tasks and challenges to earn points and climb the event leaderboard.

Where can I find information and updates about the next High Roller Event?

Information and updates about the next High Roller Event can be found on the official Monopoly GO website, their social media accounts, and through in-game notifications. Follow these channels to stay up-to-date with the latest news and event schedules.