Monopoly GO: All Habitat Heroes Rewards and Milestones (June 2024)

Scopely introduces new solo and leaderboard events almost daily, and today’s solo event is called Habitat Heroes. This event offers a wide array of rewards, including Cash, Sticker Packs, and Dice Rolls. Players can also unlock various in-game boosts such as High Roller, Cash Boost, and Mega Heist.

Participants accumulate points to reach different milestones, with the final milestone awarding up to 12,015 Dice Rolls. This article provides an in-depth look at the rewards of the Habitat Heroes solo event, along with tips and strategies to maximize your earnings.

Monopoly GO: All Habitat Heroes Rewards and Milestones

Habitat Heroes is similar to other events in Monopoly GO, featuring a point system where players receive prizes for achieving goals. This event offers numerous opportunities to earn a significant number of Dice Rolls, Sticker Packs, and various in-game boosts.

Remember, Habitat Heroes includes only 35 tiers and lasts for just one day, starting on June 16. Earning as many points as possible will significantly boost your future earnings. Reaching the final milestone rewards you with a total of 12,015 Dice Rolls. Below is the full list of rewards and milestones for the Habitat Heroes solo event in Monopoly GO!

Milestone Points Habitat Heroes Rewards
1 5 Sticker Pack (1-star x2)
2 10 30 Dice Rolls
3 15 Cash Boost 5 Minutes
4 60 75 Dice Rolls
5 20 Sticker Pack (1-star x2)
6 20 Mega Heist 15 Minutes
7 50 60 Dice Rolls
8 35 Sticker Pack (2-stars x3)
9 150 250 Dice Rolls
10 30 Cash
11 45 Sticker Pack (2-stars x3)
12 310 400 Dice Rolls
13 45 Mega Heist 25 Minutes
14 80 Sticker Pack (3-stars x3)
15 100 Cash
16 500 600 Dice Rolls
17 600 Sticker Pack (4-stars x4)
18 150 Cash
19 1,200 1,000 Dice Rolls
20 120 High Roller 5 Minutes
21 400 Sticker Pack (4-stars x4)
22 150 Cash
23 200 150 Dice Rolls
24 250 Cash
25 300 Cash Boost 10 Minutes
26 2,000 Sticker Pack (5-stars x6)
27 500 Cash
28 1,500 1,000 Dice Rolls
29 1,000 High Roller 10 Minutes
30 1,200 Sticker Pack (4-stars x4)
31 3,000 2,000 Dice Rolls
32 1,000 Cash
33 1,500 Sticker Pack (4-stars x4)
34 2,500 Cash
35 5,500 6,500 Dice Rolls

How to Earn Points for Habitat Heroes in Monopoly GO

There are several methods to earn points for the new Habitat Heroes event in Monopoly GO. Habitat Heroes is a Tax and Utility event, meaning the best way to earn points is by landing on the Tax and Utility tiles on the board. To optimize this method, increase your Dice multiplier before attempting to land on these tiles, which will drastically increase the number of points you earn.

And that’s everything you need to know about the Habitat Heroes solo event in Monopoly GO. This event lasts for only one day, ending on June 17. Be sure to grab as many free Dice Rolls as you can. We hope this guide helps you increase your earnings in your quest to become the richest player in the game. Check out our Monopoly GO: Today’s Event Schedule.