Monopoly GO: All Bullseye Boom Rewards and Milestones

Monopoly GO, a sought-after mobile­ game, recently launche­d an event called ‘Bullse­ye Boom’. In this happening, participants can gather up points and unlock diffe­rent stages. On unlocking each le­vel, they earn diffe­rent rewards like sticke­r collections, in-game money, or additional dice­ rolls. It’s important to note, ‘Bullseye Boom’ is a short e­vent, running for just 48 hours, starting from May 24th. Only by snatching up bonuses from Monopoly GO can players progre­ss, leveling up and increasing the­ir in-game wealth.

Rewards and milestones for Monopoly GO Bullseye Boom Event

‘Bullseye Boom’ is not any different from the other events that are part of the Monopoly GO series. Player points are needed to hit various levels. The more points a person has, the higher their chances of winning different kinds of rewards such as sticker packs, cash or free dice rolls. During this event, one will be able to earn a total of 4170 dice rolls.

Here is an entire list of rewards/milestones for ‘Bullseye Boom’ event in Monopoly GO:

Milestone Points Bullseye Boom Rewards
1 75 Sticker Pack
2 50 4x Pickaxe tokens
3 100 Cash
4 175 100x Dice Rolls
5 225 5x Pickaxe tokens
6 300 High Roller 5 Minutes 
7 275 10x Pickaxe tokens
8 350 200x Dice Rolls
9 400 12x Pickaxe tokens
10 420 Sticker Pack
11 400 15x Pickaxe tokens
12 700 Mega Heist 20 Minutes
13 800 Sticker Pack
14 750 18x Pickaxe tokens
15 850 420x Dice Rolls
16 900 Cash
17 1,000 Sticker Pack
18 1,200 20x Pickaxe tokens
19 1,300 650x Dice Rolls
20 1,500 Rent Frenzy 25 Minutes
21 1,800 25x Pickaxe tokens
22 2,000 Cash
23 2,300 1,000x Dice Rolls
24 2,600 30x Pickaxe tokens
25 3,000 Cash
26 3,500 Sticker Pack (4-Stars x4)
27 4,000 Cash
28 4,500 Cash Grab 20 Minutes
29 5,000 Cash
30 5,500 1,800x Dice Rolls

How to Gain Points for Bullseye Boom in Monopoly GO

There are many methods used to amass a lot of points during ‘Bullseye Boom’ in Monopoly GO. Participate in various daily or weekly tournaments and try landing on the Railroad tile which is quite effective especially with a dice multiplier. Another way that you can earn some points is by playing regularly, rolling your dice and landing on different properties’ squares. Opening community chest quick wins completion may also give additional event points.

It discusses the information you need about the new Bullseye Boom Event in Monopoly GO and some of the best methods to get points for it very effectively. With luck, this manual will assist you to obtain few totally free Dice Rolls on your path to being extremely wealthy. For more Monopoly GO updates and events, please visit our site more often!

FAQs about “Monopoly GO: All Bullseye Boom Rewards and Milestones”

What is the Bullseye Boom event in Monopoly GO?

The Bullseye Boom is a special event in Monopoly GO where players aim to hit targets and achieve specific goals. As players progress through the event, they unlock various rewards and milestones, enhancing their overall gameplay experience.

What kinds of rewards can I earn from the Bullseye Boom event?

Rewards from the Bullseye Boom event include in-game currency, extra dice, exclusive property upgrades, unique tokens, and other valuable items that help players advance faster and strengthen their game strategies.

How do I achieve milestones in the Bullseye Boom event?

Milestones in the Bullseye Boom event are achieved by completing specific tasks and challenges, such as hitting targets, collecting items, or reaching certain scores. Each milestone reached unlocks new rewards and pushes players further in the event.

Are the rewards and milestones the same for every player in the Bullseye Boom event?

The structure of the Bullseye Boom event is consistent for all players, but the specific rewards and milestones may vary based on individual progress and performance. Players who perform better in the event are likely to receive more valuable rewards and reach milestones more quickly.

Can I participate in multiple Bullseye Boom events at the same time?

Usually, only one Bullseye Boom event is active at a time in Monopoly GO. Players should focus on the current event to maximize their rewards and milestones. Staying aware of event timelines and participating actively ensures players get the most out of each Bullseye Boom event.