Dino Treasures – New Monopoly Go Treasure Dig Partner Event Coming Soon!

The Dino Treasures event, a new Monopoly GO treasure dig partner event, is launching soon. While the exact date is unconfirmed, it is expected to follow the Aqua partners event, which runs from June 20 to June 24.

Monopoly Go ‘Dino Treasures’ Event Overview

The event, named “Dino Treasures,” will feature a rewards structure similar to past treasure events. Participants will dig for hidden treasures using event points to complete levels.

Although the final reward list has not been released, based on previous events, there might be around 20-25 levels. Each level offers exciting rewards such as Free Dice, Cash, higher star sticker packs, and new shields. Confirmation is pending on whether a Wild Sticker will be the final reward, as seen in past events.

Tokens and Shields

Following the trend set by the Martian Treasures event, the Dino Treasures event will introduce new tokens and shields. This promises to be another exciting event, coinciding with the start of the new “Monopoly Games” album.

If you’re running low on dice rolls, it’s a good idea to start collecting them through daily free reward links, as there is still time before the Dino Treasures event goes live.

Milestones and Rewards

The specific rewards and milestones for the Dino Treasures event have not been disclosed yet. However, you can refer to the rewards from the last similar event to get an idea of what to expect. Bookmark this page to easily check for updates.

How to Get Tokens for the Dino Treasures Event

You can earn Dino Treasures Tokens through several activities:

  • Tournaments (Leaderboard): Earn tokens by completing milestones in leaderboard tournaments and by securing top positions on the leaderboard.
  • Tournaments (Solo): Similar to leaderboard tournaments, you can earn tokens by finishing milestones in solo tournaments. However, there is no leaderboard for extra tokens in this mode.
  • Daily Quick Wins: Complete quick wins to earn tokens along with dice rolls.
  • Daily Free Gifts: Receive tokens along with dice rolls as part of daily free gifts.