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Monopoly Go Event Schedule & Boost Times Today (21 January 2024)

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The schedule for Monopoly Go’s boost events in January 2024 is notably packed. It is advisable to hold off on spending cash until a Sticker Boom and a Wheel Boost coincide, a strategic move often recommended. This approach can be further enhanced by incorporating either a Board Rush or a Landmark Rush, should you wish to acquire additional dice. This tactic stands as a key method for securing an abundance of extra sticker packs. The applicable sticker albums for this period are the Heartfelt Holidays album, concluding on January 4th, and more predominantly, the Monopoly Origins album, which will be the focal point for most of the month. Here’s a detailed summary of the boost events and their timings for today in January 2024.

What is today’s Monopoly Go event schedule for daily boosts in 21st January 2024?

Here is the table displaying the Monopoly Go event schedule:

Event Time
5-Minute Cash Boost 2:00 AM PT to 5:00 AM PT
5-Minute High Roller 2:00 AM PT to 5:00 AM PT
30-Minute Free Parking 5:00 AM PT to 11:00 AM PT
1-Hour Sticker Boom 11:00 AM PT to 5:00 AM PT (January 22)
30-Minute Cash Grab Starts 9:30 AM PT
30-Minute Wheel Boost 11:00 AM PT to 2:00 PM PT
1-Hour Mega Heist 2:00 PM PT to 8:00 PM PT
10-Minute High Roller 3:00 PM PT – 11:00 PM PT

Today features the infrequent Sticker Boom event, presenting an ideal opportunity to conserve it for use during the Snowman Contest or in the later stages of the Winter Express, particularly to obtain those coveted 5-star purple packs. Alternatively, saving the Sticker Boom for a Wheel Boost could be beneficial, especially for those aiming to collect stickers ranging from 1-star to 3-star, and this is particularly pertinent for players engaged with the prestige version of the Monopoly Origins album.

It is important to note that the aforementioned event predictions may not always include events slated for 11:00 PM PT, suggesting the possibility of additional boosts towards the day’s end. Players should remain vigilant and strategize the optimal times to claim these boosts, potentially by logging into the game intermittently over several hours, to maximize the benefits of event stacking.

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