Monopoly Go: All Ecological Escapade Rewards And Milestones (June 22-24)

In this guide, you can discover all Ecological Escapade rewards and milestones for this two-day banner event, which includes fish bowl event tokens that you can use in the latest partners event, Aqua Partners.

This event has 43 milestones and offers up to 17,685 free rolls, two five-star purple sticker packs, and 2,140 fish bowls, along with many other sticker packs, game cash, and boosts.

For more details on all events in Monopoly Go, visit our all-events explained page, which also lists predicted times for flash boost events like Mega Heist, High Roller, and Wheel Boost. This way, you can plan the best times to play the game.

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All Monopoly Go Ecological Escapade Rewards and Milestones Listed

Check out the rewards list for the Decor Splash-Down tournament as well to see what you can win there. Tournament points are gained by landing on railroads, which is also a way to gain points in this banner event. Just like other events in  Monopoly GO, players who join in can collect points and reach milestones, earning different in-game rewards such as Sticker Packs, Cash, and  Dice Rolls. This event has 43 levels and will last for 2 days, starting on June 22, 2024, at 23:30:00. Here is the full list of rewards and milestones for the new “Ecological Escapade” event in Monopoly GO:

How to Play, Win, and Get Points in Ecological Escapade

In this event, you can score points by landing on the corner squares (GO, Just Visiting, Free Parking, and Go to Jail). You’ll get four points for landing on any of them, and that score is multiplied by your dice multiplier to give you your total points for landing on a corner square.

These points are then added to your event score, bringing you closer to the next milestone (see the milestone and rewards list above).

Because these squares are spaced evenly and there is just one tile to aim for at a time, it can be challenging to score well easily. The best chances to land on a corner square are if you are 6, 7, or 8 tiles away from one, as these numbers have the highest probability of being rolled with two dice. However, rolling an exact number with two dice is still very difficult. Look out for other incentives such as railroads, chance, and shields when deciding whether to try a high dice multiplier throw or not. Or, you can ignore the strategy, sit back, and auto roll on a low multiplier, as current thinking suggests that all dice throws are pre-determined anyway.

Among the four corner squares to aim for, Go to Jail is the best because it gives you a chance to win free dice rolls. Landing on Go to Jail and rolling a double within three tries will give you free dice based on the score you roll and your multiplier. For example, if you roll a double 6 with a 10 multiplier, you get 60 free dice rolls (6×10).

During this event, the partner event Aqua Partners will also be running simultaneously, so you’ll find fish bowls on the board too, which will give you the event tokens you need for that partner event.