Aqua Partners – New Monopoly Go Partner Event Coming Soon!

The Aqua Partners Monopoly GO event is launching soon. While the exact date remains unconfirmed, it appears it will follow immediately after the Peg-E Prize Drop event, which starts on June 17 and ends on June 20.

In addition to exciting rewards, the new partner event may feature the coveted “Wild Sticker.” The gameplay will be similar to the previous team-up event, “Robo Partners,” with the main difference being the rewards structure.

You will need to form four teams with four different players, creating four partnerships. Completing each partnership will earn you substantial rewards, typically including free dice rolls, cash, Sticker Boom, Cash Boost, High Roller, and high-star sticker packs. Doesn’t that sound like a fun ride?

The rewards mentioned are for completing one partnership. If you manage to complete all four partnerships with the help of your team, you will receive four times the above rewards, with a grand prize as the cherry on top.

Although details about the grand prize are not yet available, it is speculated to include the first Wild Sticker for the new album, “Monopoly Games.”

Personally, I would strive to complete all the partnerships, as the total dice rolls could be around 10,000. Overall, this event promises to be a “let’s have some fun” kind of event.

If you are playing the Aqua Partners Monopoly GO event for the first time, you might wonder how to participate. Here’s a quick explanation: you need to collect tokens and use them to spin the wheel. Spinning will earn you points and help fill the prize bar.

How to Get Tokens for the Aqua Partners Event:

Tournaments (Leaderboard): Earn tokens by reaching milestones in leaderboard tournaments. Additional tokens can be won by ranking high on the leaderboard.

Tournaments (Solo): Similar to leaderboard tournaments, you need to finish milestones to earn tokens. However, since these are solo tournaments, there is no leaderboard for extra token rewards.

Daily Quick Wins: Along with dice rolls, completing daily quick wins will also grant you tokens.

Daily Free Gifts: Like quick wins, daily free gifts provide tokens along with dice rolls.