Monopoly GO: Peg-E Prize Drop Rewards & Milestones (June 17)

Monopoly GO is a digital adaptation of the classic board game Monopoly, where players can own and rent out properties. To keep players engaged, the game’s developers frequently introduce various events and mini-games. These events provide opportunities for players to earn rewards and use them to build their cities. One prominent recurring event is the Prize Drop.

Unlike other events in the game, the Prize Drop centers around Peg-E Tokens. This Pinball-themed mini-game involves players dropping Peg-E tokens, aiming for the ball to land in the most valuable prize slot. It’s straightforward and offers a great chance to win various prizes. This guide provides an overview of the rewards and outlines how to maximize the benefits of this event in Monopoly GO.

The Peg-E Prize Drop event goes live on June 17 at 11 AM EST and will last for three days. Since the sticker album is in its final stage, the rewards include a “Wild Sticker.”

To Earn More Prize Drop Chips You Must Check These Events To Complete:

What Is the Monopoly GO Peg-E Prize Drop?

The main objective of Prize Drop is to drop a token into one of two bumpers and then land it onto one of the bottom slots. Like other events in the game, this event is only available for a limited time, so players must seize the opportunity to maximize their in-game rewards. Here’s how to participate and earn rewards in the Peg-E mini-game.

How To Play the Peg-E Prize Drop Event in Monopoly GO

Playing Prize Drop can be a bit tricky, especially for beginners. Here’s a step-by-step guide to participating and playing the Prize Drop mini-game:

Begin the Mini-Game and Choose Multiplier

When the event is live, and you have accumulated some tokens, tap on the Prize Drop icon on the right side of the screen. First, select the Peg-E Token Multiplier, which functions similarly to the dice multiplier, and drop the chips. Naturally, a higher multiplier will increase the rewards you earn.

Dropping the Chips

Below the Peg-E token bar, there are five drop buttons. Pressing these buttons will release the tokens. As they descend, aim to land them on the strategically placed bumpers below. Successfully hitting the bumpers can yield various rewards such as dice rolls, cash, and additional tokens. Aim to maximize your hits by ensuring your tokens strike the bumpers as they descend.

How To Collect Peg-E Tokens in Monopoly GO (Prize Drop Chips)

Accumulating Peg-E Chips is essential to participating in and winning the Prize Drop event. Here are some ways to acquire these chips:

Events and Tournaments (Only for Event Participation)

Tournaments and daily events are the best ways to gather Peg-E Chips. Players can participate in these to complete milestones. Besides Peg-E tokens, players can also secure extra rolls and a 4-star Sticker Pack (5 in rare instances) by leading the Tournament Table.

Shop Rewards

As an incentive for regular gameplay, Shop Rewards offers free rewards every eight hours. During the Prize Drop event, Shop Rewards might also include these tokens. So, it’s best to keep an eye on the timer and grab these free rewards as soon as they are available.

Quick Wins

In addition to Shop Rewards, players should also monitor the Quick Wins section, which updates daily. Completing these wins will increase your chances of earning free Prize Drop chips. The Quick Wins section comprises three easy objectives, such as rolling a die, collecting stickers, and upgrading landmarks, that can be easily accomplished.

Purchasing Prize Drop Chips

Players willing to spend real money can purchase Prize Drop chips through in-game purchases. These chips are available as limited-edition premium packs, which may include dice, stickers, and other goodies. Before making a purchase, ensure the pack contains items that interest you, and watch for sales to maximize your benefits.

Prize Drop Event Rewards & Milestones in Monopoly GO

Previously, players could only win awards by hitting the bumpers in the Prize Drop event. However, Scopely recently added milestones to this event. Completing these milestones allows players to earn rewards similar to tournaments.

Unlike previous Prize Drop events with 12 milestones, this event features 11 milestones. Players who manage to achieve all the rewards can collect a total of 6,925 Dice Rolls and various sticker packs of different colors. Additionally, reaching the 7th milestone rewards players with a Wild Sticker. Here is a table listing the Prize Drop Milestones and Rewards:

Milestone Reward
1 Cash
2 125 Free Dice Rolls + 2-Star Sticker Pack (Yellow)
3 3-Star Sticker Pack (Pink)
4 400 Free Dice Rolls
5 700 Free Dice Rolls + 4-Star Sticker Pack (Blue)
6 1,000 Free Dice Rolls
7 Wild Sticker
8 800 Free Dice Rolls
9 5-Star Sticker Pack (Purple)
10 1,400 Free Dice Rolls
11 2,500 Free Dice Rolls

In Monopoly GO, engaging in events like the Prize Drop not only provides excitement but also rewards that enhance your gameplay. With the right strategy, players can maximize their rewards and progress in the game. Keep an eye on the latest events and take full advantage of these opportunities to become a top player in Monopoly GO