Monopoly Go Aqua Partners: All Rewards And Milestones Lists

Partner events are probably the most enjoyable in Monopoly Go, especially when you have the right partners. In our Aqua Partners guide, we cover everything from finding good partners and earning event tokens to the rewards and milestones.

Aqua Partners is going to appear in your Monopoly Go app around 9 AM ET on June 22nd. Here are all rewards, milestones and how to get more points to excel in this event.

Monopoly Go Aqua Partners Rewards

Monopoly Go Aqua Partners is filled with rewards, offering milestone prizes for completing individual aquariums and a grand prize for completing all four. Here’s a breakdown of what you can win and the points needed for each reward:

Next milestone points Total points needed Reward
2,500 points 2,500 points 200 free dice rolls
6,000 points 8,500 points Cash
13,000 points 21,500 points 200-300 free dice rolls and game money
26,500 points 48,000 points 300-500 free dice rolls, three star pink sticker pack, and high roller boost
32,000 points 80,000 points (completion of 1 aquarium) 400-600 free dice rolls, game money, four star blue sticker pack, and cash boost

Grand Prize for Completing All Four Aquariums:

How to Play Aqua Partners

While you can play Aqua Partners with one random partner, you’ll only be able to complete one aquarium. To maximize your success in any partner event, you’ll need four partners.

The event involves working with your partners to collect event tokens, which you use to spin a wheel in the Aqua Partners event, earning points for your aquariums.

Finding Good Partners

Here are some tips for finding reliable partners:

  1. Current Friends List: Check your leaderboard to identify top players who are active.
  2. Monopoly Go Forum: Many players seek reliable partners here.
  3. Previous Partners: Recall if previous partners were good and consider re-inviting them.
  4. Player Check: Don’t accept invites blindly; check their leaderboard position.
  5. SubReddits and Discords: These platforms often have players advertising their availability.
  6. Site Comments: Leave your friend code in the comments for potential partners.

Adding Partners

To add a partner, click the green plus icons in the middle of the board. A list of potential partners will appear, showing invited players at the top. For friends, a timestamp will indicate their last activity. Click “accept” or “invite” as needed.

How To get Aqua Partners Event Tokens

  • Main Banner Event: Most tokens come from this. Check the tournament and main event rewards and milestones on our daily events page to plan your progress.
  • Shop Reward: Tap the three lines at the top, enter the shop, and scroll to find the eight-hour reward.
  • Quick Wins: Complete these daily at 9 AM ET for additional tokens.
  • Game Board: Land on token spots to collect event tokens.
  • Tournaments: Participate in daily or bi-daily tournaments for tokens from milestones and leaderboard placements.
  • Main Banner Events: Every 2-4 days, a new main event offers tokens for certain milestones. Check our daily events page for details.
  • Free Aqua Partners Battery Links: We update our free dice links page with any available free event token links during the event.

Event and Tournament Strategy for Aqua Partners

Banner events and tournaments run concurrently with Aqua Partners. Plan your progress to maximize event tokens and minimize dice spend. Focus on the event or tournament ending first to avoid overextending in overlapping events and wasting dice.

By staggering your progress, you can better manage milestones and conserve dice for future challenges.