How To Get Free Aqua Partners Tokens in Monopoly GO

Are you struggling to gather enough tokens for your buildings in the Monopoly GO Aqua Partners event? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Discover how you can acquire more tokens during this event and whether there are any token links available.

How to Get Free Aqua Partners Tokens in Monopoly GO

To successfully claim all rewards and milestones in the Aqua Partners event of Monopoly GO, you’ll need a significant number of tokens. While it may seem challenging to complete this event without some help, these tips can assist you when you need it the most.

Check Your Daily Tasks Regularly

Completing your daily tasks is one of the quickest ways to earn tokens for spins in Monopoly GO. Daily tasks are reset every day and offer a decent number of tokens that can be used for spinning the wheel and earning points to complete your buildings. Since you need around 80,000 points to finish each building, you’ll require plenty of tokens. This method is one of the fastest ways to acquire them.

Participate in Events & Tournaments During Partner Events

Participating in the daily leaderboard tournaments and ongoing events within the game is another quick method to obtain a substantial number of free tokens. As you progress through all available rewards and milestones, you’ll notice that tokens are a common reward. Completing these tiers will grant you access to numerous tokens that can be used for your spins.

Keep Playing as Usual (But Utilize Your Multiplier)

As you move around the board, you’ll encounter pickups that grant you tokens. If you only roll one dice at a time, you’ll receive only a single token, which isn’t very helpful when the minimum number required to spin is 20. Utilize multipliers if you want to get the best value for these pickups. The higher the multiplier, the more tokens you’ll receive. While you may not always land on them every roll, this is still a quick method to acquire more tokens during the event.

Are There Free Token Links in Monopoly GO?

To claim tokens for free, you’ll need to put in some effort. Unfortunately, there are no free token links available from Scopely or elsewhere. However, if you need more dice, you can find them on our free dice links page, which is updated daily. Make sure to check back regularly to see what offers are available.

And that’s all you need to know about acquiring free tokens during the Monopoly GO Aqua Partners event.