Monopoly GO: Skyscraper Blast Off Reward & Milestone Lists

Scopely comes up with a new solo event or leaderboard almost every day. This time, the third edition of the Skyscraper Blast Off features plenty of prizes like Cash, Sticker Packs, and lots of Dice Rolls.

Also, players could activate different boosts like Cash Grab, Rent Frenzy, High Roller, Mega Heist etc., within the game. Participants can earn points towards various milestones till they cross a final one that gives 3440 dice rolls maximum. So here’s everything you need to know about this Monopoly GO Skyscraper Blast Off reward event!

Monopoly GO Skyscraper Blast Off Rewards and Milestones

In Monopoly GO, you collect points and hit milestones to get sticker packs or cash up to 3440 dice rolls during events such as this one. With 25 tiers on offer for just 24 hours starting June 6th there’ll be no more chances after today so make sure you score big points now if you want those future earnings boosted significantly. Here are all the rewards and milestones for the new Skyscraper Blast Off event in Monopoly Go!

Milestone Points Skyscraper Blast Off Rewards
1 55 40 Dice Rolls
2 40 Sticker Pack (1-star x2)
3 90 70 Dice Rolls
4 130 High Roller 5 Minutes
5 110 80 Dice Rolls
6 150 Cash
7 200 Sticker Pack (2-star x3)
8 250 Mega Heist 15 Minutes
9 225 Sticker Pack (3-star x3)
10 275 175 Dice Rolls
11 300 Cash
12 400 Sticker Pack (4-star x4)
13 375 250 Dice Rolls
14 425 Cash
15 500 Rent Frenzy 20 Minutes
16 600 375 Dice Rolls
17 550 Sticker Pack (4-star x4)
18 700 Cash
19 800 500 Dice Rolls
20 1,000 Cash
21 900 Cash
22 1,300 750 Dice Rolls
23 1,500 Cash Grab 15 Minutes
24 1,800 Cash
25 2,000 1,200 Dice Rolls

How To Get Points In Skyscraper Blast Off In Monopoly GO

RehumanizeLanding on railroad tiles is the main way to earn them during this tournament. The rewards from bank heists and successful shutdowns also contribute. Better performance results in higher multipliers which means more valuable prizes overall – be sure not miss an opportunity near a chance square or any other place where one may land after not having had three ‘send to railroad’ cards drawn recently.

That’s the end of Monopoly GO: ‘Skyscraper Blast Off’ event guide by It could take you to be the richest player by gaining a large number of free dice rolls only if these hints and tactics are used. Do not forget to see our additional such as Today’s Event Schedule and Latest Free Dice Rolls on Monopoly GO.