Monopoly GO Martian Treasures – Rewards, Milestones & Release Date

Scopely re­gularly enhances its gameplay by providing daily update­s with exciting events and conte­sts. Every month, they introduce spe­cial cooperative eve­nts and entertaining mini-games like­ Peg-E Prize Pool and Treasure­ Hunting. The Prize Drop eve­nt has just concluded, paving the way for the first mini-game­ of the new month, known as ‘Martian Treasure­s.’

‘Martian Treasure­s’ is a journey with Sofia, where your he­lp is needed to e­xplore Martian culture and recove­r her missing items. Rewards are­ available at varying levels throughout this adve­nture. These prize­s include dice rolls, free cash, sticke­r packs, and shield skins for the Martian Runes Shie­ld tokens. They also exte­nd to the Peg-E Rover board pie­ce tokens, wild stickers, and many othe­r rewards that haven’t bee­n listed in this article .

Monopoly GO: ‘Martian Treasures’ Release Date

The release date for Martian Treasures is set at June 6th of 2024. Similar to previous ones before it , this mini game offers various milestones where different types of rewards can be earned depending on what rank one achieves them at. Players will also have an opportunity to unlock additional prizes while participating by digging across any items found throughout each stage thus completing their journey towards bigger bounties!

There are 25 levels in this treasure hunt which means lots more pickaxe tokens need to get spent if you want that wildcard sticker people! Among other things there’ll also be cash prizes up grabs so make sure not miss out on those either- but wait! There’s still even more…

According to this source, players must utilize several pickaxe tokens all the way up until they claim their desired wild sticker. Furthermore, participants are entitled to free sticker packs, new board tokens for a shield skin as well as additional cash prizes and many other things.

Some of the rewards that have been listed include but not limited to: cash prizes (which come in handy), sticker packs (everyone loves these), new shieldskins for old sheilds tokens which can be used again & again (how cool is that?) also new board pieces need different designs too so there’s something everyone – even those who don’t win any other rewards!

Monopoly Go Martian Treasures : List Of All Rewards And Milestones

Milestone  ‘Martian Treasures’ Rewards
150 Dice Rolls
3100 Dice Rolls
4Sticker Pack (2-star x3)
5150 Dice Rolls
65 Pickaxe Tokens + Cash
7175 Dice Rolls
8Sticker Pack (3-star x3)
9200 Dice Rolls
11Martian Runes Shield skin
12250 Dice Rolls
13Sticker Pack (4-stars x4)
1410 Pickaxe Tokens + Cash
15300 Dice Rolls
161,000 Dice Rolls + Sticker Pack (5-star x6)
18150 Dice Rolls
1917 Pickaxe Tokens + Cash + Sticker Pack (3-star x3)
20Peg-E Rover board piece token
21250 Dice Rolls
22Sticker Pack (4-stars x4)
23400 Dice Rolls
25Cash + 3,000 Dice Rolls + Wild Sticker
Listed Above Are All Rewards And Milestones In Martian Treasures.

How to Get Pickaxe Tokens

Progressing through the stages of ‘Martian Treasures’ requires picking up Pickaxe tokens. The following are a few easy ways to gather them:

  1. Finish Quick Wins: Complete your quick win goals.
  2. Free Gifts: Look for Pickaxe tokens in the free gifts you receive.
  3. Daily Tournaments and Events: You can earn free tokens by participating in daily tournaments and events.

It is best to use all methods mentioned above so as to amass a large number of Pickaxe tokens prior to playing the digging mini-game. It is not efficient to open the mini-game and uncover items every time you collect 10 new Pickaxe tokens.

Our guide on Monopoly GO’s next Treasure Hunt event – ‘Martian Treasures’ ends here. From each event we get a consistent amount of Wild Stickers as awards helping us complete our albums finally. If this was helpful use it for more details about Free Dice Roll Updates or Today’s Event Schedule on Monopoly GO.