Monopoly GO: How To Get Free Clam Shells Token For Aqua Partners

Monopoly GO is a hugely popular virtual board game by Scopely where you roll dice to move around the board. The developers regularly introduce events to keep the game engaging and fun. These events bring new challenges and lots of rewards. The latest event is Aqua Partners, where tycoons team up with friends to achieve shared goals.

In the Aqua Partners event, players encounter a special currency called Clam Shell tokens. The event has five milestones, and to reach them, you need to collect points by spinning a wheel. Here, we’ll share some simple ways to earn free Clam Shell tokens for the Aqua Partners event in Monopoly GO.

How to Get More Aqua Partner Clam Shells

Clam Shell tokens are needed to spin the Aqua Partner wheel during the event. Here’s how players can easily collect these tokens:

Participate in Other Events

To gather a lot of Clam Shells, participating in solo challenges and leaderboard tournaments is crucial. These activities offer tokens as rewards for completing milestones and achieving high rankings. If you don’t have enough dice to join these events, check out our dice links page for help.

Currently, fans can participate in the Ecological Escapade event, which runs until June 24. Here’s a look at its levels that include Clam Shell tokens:

Ecological Escapade MilestonesPoints RequiredRewards
1Five60 Clam Shells
445120 Clam Shells
735100 Clam Shells
935100 Clam Shells
1460140 Clam Shells
1770150 Clam Shells
21130200 Clam Shells
28380320 Clam Shells
34650450 Clam Shells
381,600500 Clam Shells
Above are all rewards and shell tokens rewards lists.

Daily Quick Wins

Completing daily wins is another easy way to get Aqua Partner Clam Shell tokens. These are simple challenges like shutting down one time or hitting the Chance tile three times. Completing these tasks rewards players with tokens. Players receive three tasks daily, which refresh every day.

Free Gifts

Visit the game store every day. Sometimes, there are free gifts that include tokens.

Are There Free Clam Shell Links For Aqua Partners?

Currently, there aren’t any Clam Shell links for Aqua Partners. We’ll update this guide as soon as any links are released, so stay tuned.