Monopoly GO: All SightSeeing Sprint Rewards and Milestones (10 July, 2024)

Monopoly Go tournaments are competitive events where players, known as Tycoons, compete for incredible fortunes through activities like Bank Heists and Shutdowns. As you play, you’ll earn rewards for hitting milestones, and your final prize depends on your leaderboard position. Tycoons are grouped by skill level for fair play, and rewards will vary depending on your group.

The game involves players who need to score points by reaching their daily goals, collecting free dice, stickers, and boosts. If a partner is hosting an event at the same time, then you will have opportunity to earn additional points. Please note that different tournaments might have different objectives, points, rewards. People will be receiving the prizes immediately after their game is over; if the prizes do not appear right away, please, reboot your game.

We de­liver daily updates regarding the­ event schedules­, tournaments, and their corresponding re­wards. It is advisable to carefully assess the­ tournaments and events be­fore rolling your dice to optimize your re­wards.

Monopoly Go Sightseeing Spring Rewards And Milestones

SightSeeing Sprint goes live on July 10 at 2 PM EST and will last for one day. The total rewards available include 4,420 dice rolls, 1,780 Ice Cream Partners Tokens, and six sticker packs, consisting of one one-star pack, one two-star pack, one three-star pack, and three four-star packs. Here are list of all rewards and milestones you can get from Sightseeing Spring Event.

MilestonePointsSight Seeing Sprint Rewards
145120x Tokens
25550x Dice Rolls
380Sticker Pack
490140x Tokens
512090x Dice Rolls
61505 Minutes of High Roller
7140160x Tokens
8200Sticker Pack
9250180x Dice Rolls
10230Sticker Pack
12275180x Tokens
13300Sticker Pack
15400250x Dice Rolls
16450280x Tokens
1750025 Minutes of Mega Heist
19700400x Dice Rolls
20800Sticker Pack
21900400x Tokens
231,200650x Dice Rolls
251,800Sticker Pack
262,0001,100 Dice Rolls
271,50010 Minutes of Cash Boost
282,500500x Tokens
303,2001,700x Dice Rolls

How To Get More Points On Monopoly Go Sightseeing Sprint

There are several methods for earning points in the new SightSeeing Sprint event, most of which involve playing Monopoly GO as you normally would. You’ll earn points through your regular activities, but here are some tips to maximize your gains.

Focus on landing on the Railroad tile and triggering the Shutdown and Bank Heist mini-games, as they provide the most points. Increase your Dice multiplier right before attempting to land on these tiles. Additionally, participating in other events and tournaments running concurrently can also help you earn more points.

This covers the full list of rewards and milestones available in the new Sight Seeing Sprint event in Monopoly GO! By following these tips and tricks, you’ll maximize your points and earn a ton of free Dice rolls. For more updates and news on Monopoly GO events, be sure to check out our dedicated section on the website.