All Ice Cream Partners Rewards And Milestones – Monopoly Go (July 10-15th)

As the Monopoly Games season heats up, cool down with the upcoming Ice Cream Partners event on Monopoly Go. Based on data mining, this new co-op event is expected to start on Friday, July 10th at 8:30 AM ET and run until July 15th at 4 PM ET.

Monopoly Go: Ice Cream Partners Rewards And Milestones

Find out everything you can win in this new event with our Ice Cream Partners milestones and rewards list. Our guide will ensure you’re ready to take on this exciting new challenge. Complete all four partner items to win the final prize of 5,000 free dice, game cash, and a fun-looking ice cream truck board token.

The rewards list for Ice Cream Partners is similar to the previous Aqua Partners event, with the final reward being an Ice Cream Truck board token instead of a Puffer Fish. There are two main ways to win rewards in any partner event: completing the milestones of each individual build item and completing all four builds. Here are all rewards and milestones in Ice Cream Partners event.

Next milestone points Total points needed Reward
2,500 points 2,500 points 200 free dice rolls
6,000 points 8,500 points Money
13,000 points 21,500 points 200-300 free dice rolls and game money
26,500 points 48,000 points 300-500 free dice rolls, three star pink sticker pack, and high roller boost
32,000 points 80,000 points (completion of 1 build) 400-600 free dice rolls, game money, four star blue sticker pack, and cash boost

To complete a build, you need 80,000 points. So, for all four builds, you and your partners will need 320,000 points. Each partner can only contribute to one build. Wild Stickers are usually awarded in later partner events of a season.

If you manage to complete all four builds then the grand prize is:

  • 5,000 Dice
  • Five Star Purple Sticker Pack
  • Ice Cream Truck board token

How to Play Ice Cream Partners

To join, team up with other players by clicking on the green plus icon on the game board when the event is active. Collect event tokens from the game and use them to spin the event wheel to earn points for your builds in Ice Cream Partners.

Finding and Adding Partners

You can start adding partners as soon as the event begins. Tap one of the plus icons on the game board to see a list of potential partners. Add those you believe will be a great fit. If they don’t contribute enough, you might struggle to complete a build. Partners receive the same reward for each build completed, regardless of their contribution, and once added, partners cannot be changed. Take your time selecting the best partners.

Check out forums and Discord groups for dedicated players.

Earning Points in Ice Cream Partners

Points are gained by spinning the event wheel, which requires event tokens. Tap the event icon on the right of the screen after the event begins and use your tokens by selecting a multiplier. Higher multipliers use more tokens but offer more points per spin. Using a lower multiplier like x3 (60 tokens) or x5 (100 tokens), or x1 (20 tokens) provides more spin opportunities but fewer rewards per spin.

Getting More Event Tokens

  • Quick Wins: Refresh daily around 9 AM ET, offering event tokens as part of rewards.
  • Shop Gift: Available every eight hours. Tap the shop icon and slide the top panel to the right to claim it.
  • Events and Tournaments: Check today’s event schedule for opportunities to earn event tokens. The best time to play Ice Cream Partners is when the first tournament starts at 2 PM ET on July 10th.
  • Game Board: Find event tokens on various tiles scattered around the game board.
  • Event Token Links: Look out for these as the event progresses.
  • Partners: If your partners land on the partner segment while spinning the wheel, you could receive free tokens. Check your friends tab and timeline for any updates.

Why can’t i see this event in my game?

You’ll only be able to see this event in your game after it starts, predicted to be at 8:30 AM on July 10th, 2024. Keep an eye out for any updates if there are changes to the start time.

Stay cool and enjoy the Ice Cream Partners event in Monopoly Go