Monopoly Go: All Monopoly Go Victory Campaign Rewards & Milestones

Monopoly Go: All Monopoly Go Victory Campaign Rewards & Milestones: Scopely brings in fresh single-player and leaderboard challenges nearly every day. Today’s event is named ‘Victory Campaign.’ There is a wide variety of rewards in this event such as Cash, Sticker Packs, Dice Rolls, and many Peg-E tokens which mean that the Peg-E Prize drop mini-game is back.

Players can earn points with different milestones through participating in the ‘Victory Campaign’ where they can receive up to 15,175 Dice Rolls and 837 Peg-E tokens at the final stage. This post gives a detailed insight into what you can win from playing ‘Victory Campaign’ single player event and provides some tips on how best to make money out of it.

Rewards And Milestones in Monopoly GO Victory Campaign

Much like the former Monopoly GO occasions, players of the ‘Victory Campaign’ are required to reach certain objectives which will earn them different prizes including cash, sticker packs, free dice rolls and now peg-e tokens. This event has 49 tiers of rewards with a maximum number of dice rolls attainable being 15,175. Here is an elaborate breakdown of the milestones as well as rewards for solo play ‘Victory Campaign’ in Monopoly GO.

Milestone Points Victory Campaign Rewards
1 5 7x Peg-E Tokens
2 5 20 Dice Rolls
3 5 Sticker Pack (1 Star x2)
4 10 Cash
5 50 130 Dice Rolls
6 10 10x Peg-E Tokens
7 15 10 Minutes Cash Grab
8 15 Sticker Pack (1 Star x2)
9 15 15x Peg-E Tokens
10 100 225 Dice Rolls
11 20 Cash
12 25 Sticker Pack (1 Star x2)
13 25 20x Peg-E Tokens
14 25 Cash
15 240 475 Dice Rolls
16 30 10 Minutes Rent Frenzy
17 35 Sticker Pack (2 Star x3)
18 40 35x Peg-E Tokens
19 45 Cash
20 350 600 Dice Rolls
21 45 Cash
22 50 55x Peg-E Tokens
23 50 10 Minutes High Roller
24 55 Sticker Pack (3 Star x3)
25 700 1,000 Dice Rolls
26 80 Cash
27 60 Sticker Pack (4 Star x4)
28 65 85x Peg-E Tokens
29 70 125 Dice Rolls
30 500 Cash
31 100 150 Dice Rolls
32 150 Cash
33 200 105x Peg-E Tokens
34 250 Wheel Boost 5 Minutes
35 1,000 1,200 Dice Rolls
36 300 Sticker Pack (5 Star x6)
37 350 125x Peg-E Tokens
38 400 Cash
39 500 Cash
40 2,000 3,000 Dice Rolls
41 600 High Roller 20 Minutes
42 650 170x Peg-E Tokens
43 700 850 Dice Rolls
44 1,600 Cash
45 750 900 Dice Rolls
46 800 210x Peg-E Tokens
47 850 Sticker Pack (5 Star x6)
48 900 Cash
49 4,000 6,500x Dice

Strategies to Win the Monopoly Go Victory Campaign

To start earning points towards milestone rewards, aim at landing on the Tax and Utility squares of the board. These are Waterworks (the tap) plus The Electric Company (the bulb) which can be found on one side while Income Tax as well as Luxury Tax lie on opposite sides.

Every square landed on contributes towards gaining victory campaign prizes. These points do not carry over from one reward to another but rather have a fixed total requirement per prize. You begin with zero points afresh at the beginning of each stage although extra ones if any left over after previous stages will still count towards your current milestone.

What is the Closing Date of the Monopoly Go Victory Campaign?

The finishing time for Monopoly Go Victory Campaign event will be at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM GMT on January 29th. Therefore immediately after this present one ends another is expected to start.

If you can see the Monopoly Go Victory Campaign banner anywhere in your game then it means that there is still a chance for you to take part in the event.

How to collect points in monopoly GO victory campaign

There are different effective strategies that one can use to get a lot of points in the latest victory campaign of monopoly go. This campaign has given a lot of importance to tax and utility squares which means that one can get high scores by reaching these places on the board game. If you are near two adjacent tax squares located on the left side of the board then it would be best for you to aim at higher multipliers. This will greatly increase your rewards in case you land on any of them luckily.

Our guide book about Monopoly Go: “Victory Campaign” events has now come to an end. By following these suggestions and strategies, you can earn many free dice rolls thereby positioning yourself as the wealthiest player in the game. Scroll our most recent monopoly go free dice rolls as well as today’s events timetable for more help.