Monopoly GO: All Boardwalk Bonanza Rewards and Milestones

The latest major Monopoly GO event, “Boardwalk Bonanza,” has just launched, marking one of the biggest events of the year so far. Similar to previous tournaments and events, players can participate to earn points, unlocking various milestones and earning valuable in-game rewards. Unlike past events, “Boardwalk Bonanza” boasts an impressive 43 tiers of milestones, each offering unique rewards such as Sticker Packs, Cash, and a plethora of free Dice rolls. This event alone offers the potential to earn up to 20,340 Dice rolls, making it one of the most lucrative events of 2024.

“Boardwalk Bonanza” will run for 48 hours, starting at 11 PM EST on June 10th. Participating in this event and unlocking rewards can give you a significant advantage. In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive list of rewards and milestones, along with tips and tricks for maximizing your points!

Monopoly GO Boardwalk Bonanza Rewards and Milestones

Like other events in Monopoly GO, players can earn points and reach milestones, unlocking various in-game rewards such as Sticker Packs, Peg-E Tokens, and a total of 20,340 Dice rolls. Since this event lasts only two days, maximizing your points is crucial for boosting your future earnings. Here’s the full breakdown of rewards and milestones for the “Boardwalk Bonanza” event in Monopoly GO!

Milestone Points Boardwalk Bonanza Rewards
1 10 Sticker Pack
2 30 30x Dice Rolls
3 40 Cash
4 100 75x Dice Rolls
5 50 Sticker Pack
6 60 60x Dice Rolls
7 70 Sticker Pack
8 320 250x Dice Rolls
9 70 Cash
10 80 Sticker Pack
11 100 Cash
12 800 450x Dice Rolls
13 100 Mega Heist for 25 minutes
14 140 Sticker Pack
15 175 Cash
16 1,200 650x Dice Rolls
17 160 Cash Boost for 5 minutes
18 180 Sticker Pack
19 220 Cash
20 2,300 1,000x Dice Rolls
21 300 High Roller for 10 minutes
22 250 Cash
23 350 Sticker Pack
24 800 525x Dice Rolls
25 500 Cash Boost for 10 minutes
26 650 Sticker Pack
27 3,500 1,600x Dice Rolls
28 850 Sticker Pack
29 1,000 Cash
30 1,500 700x Dice Rolls
31 1,700 Cash
32 4,200 1,800x Dice Rolls
33 3,000 Sticker Pack
34 1,500 Mega Heist for 40 minutes
35 2,800 Cash
36 6,000 2,200x Dice Rolls
37 2,500 Sticker Pack
38 4,500 Sticker Pack
39 5,000 Cash
40 8,000 3,000x Dice Rolls
41 3,000 Cash Boost for 10 minutes
42 4,000 Sticker Pack
43 14,000 8,000 dice

How to Earn Points For Boardwalk Bonanza in Monopoly GO

The “Boardwalk Bonanza” event introduces a unique twist, with bonuses centered around the Community Chest, Chance, and Railroad tiles. To maximize your points during this event, aim to land on these tiles as often as possible. Additionally, participating in other events and tournaments will provide you with extra Dice, increasing your chances of landing on these tiles.

The Railroad tile offers the most efficient route, as the Shutdown and Bank Heist events provide a significant number of points. To further enhance your gains, consider increasing your dice multiplier before attempting to land on these tiles, as it can boost your potential rewards if luck is on your side.

That covers everything you need to know about the rewards and milestones in the new “Boardwalk Bonanza” event in Monopoly GO! With these strategies, you’ll be able to earn a variety of rewards before the event concludes on June 10th. For more Monopoly GO Events, be sure to explore the rest of our website!