Monopoly GO: All Property Prodigies Rewards and Milestones (June 2024)

Property Prodigies is Monopoly GO’s latest event by Scopely, offering players a variety of in-game rewards. Running for 24 hours starting on June 10th, this event features 25 tiers of rewards, or milestones, which can be unlocked by accumulating points. Rewards include essential resources like Peg-E Tokens, Stickers, and free Dice rolls.

For those aiming to progress swiftly, participating in this event is highly recommended. This article provides a detailed list of rewards and milestones for Property Prodigies in Monopoly GO.

Monopoly GO Property Prodigies Rewards and Milestones

Similar to other Monopoly GO events, Property Prodigies offers 25 tiers of rewards that players can unlock by reaching specific milestones. Earning all tiers grants players a total of 3,440 free Dice rolls. Here is the complete list of rewards and milestones for the “Property Prodigies” event in Monopoly GO.

Milestone Points Property Prodigies Rewards
1 55 40 Dice Rolls
2 40 Sticker Pack (1-star x2)
3 90 70 Dice Rolls
4 130 High Roller 5 Minutes
5 110 80 Dice Rolls
6 150 Cash
7 200 Sticker Pack (2-star x3)
8 250 Mega Heist 15 Minutes
9 225 Sticker Pack (3-star x3)
10 275 175 Dice Rolls
11 300 Cash
12 400 Sticker Pack (4-star x4)
13 375 250 Dice Rolls
14 425 Cash
15 500 Rent Frenzy 20 Minutes
16 600 375 Dice Rolls
17 550 Sticker Pack (4-star x4)
18 700 Cash
19 800 500 Dice Rolls
20 1,000 Cash
21 900 Cash
22 1,300 750 Dice Rolls
23 1,500 Cash Grab 15 Minutes
24 1,800 Cash
25 2,000 1,200 Dice Rolls

How to Earn Points for Property Prodigies in Monopoly GO

To reach the final milestone in Property Prodigies, players need to invest significant effort. Points can be earned through regular gameplay tasks like rolling the dice and landing on tiles. Participation in daily tournaments can boost points, and targeting profitable tiles like the Railroad tile is advised.

Events like Bank Heists and Shutdowns yield substantial points and increasing your Dice multiplier before landing on these tiles maximizes your gains.

This article covers the rewards and milestones in the new “Property Prodigies” event in Monopoly GO, offering strategies to earn points for more free Dice rolls. For additional Monopoly GO events and news, visit our dedicated section on the website.