Monopoly GO: All Twist to the Top Rewards and Milestones

Rehumanize’Twist to the Top’ is the newest event being put on by Monopoly GO, a well-loved mobile game. Players earn points in this event and reach different milestones that win them prizes within the game. The rewards can be sticker packs, cash or free dice rolls among other things. Only available for a mere 24 hours commencing May 30th, the Twist to the Top’s visibility will be short-lived. Monopoly GO events are key to success and growth in the game; hence it’s important to get many rewards from such occasions. So, this article will cover all the rewards and milestones for ‘Twist to the Top’ event in Monopoly GO as well as give some tips on how to score points.

Monopoly GO Twist to the Top Rewards and Milestones

Like other Monopoly GO events, ‘Twist to the Top’ works such that players earn points to achieve different levels. There are several types of awards for hitting these stages such as Sticker packs, Cash and free Die rolls. The most you can get from one event is 3110 dice rolls. Here are all the new ‘Twist to the Top’ event rewards/milestones in Monopoly GO:

Milestone Points Twist to the Top Rewards
1 50 35 Dice Rolls
2 40 Sticker Pack (1-star x2)
3 80 5 Peg-E Tokens
4 120 High Roller 5 Minutes
5 140 7 Peg-E Tokens
6 150 100 Dice Rolls
7 130 12 Peg-E Tokens
8 160 Sticker Pack (2-star x3)
9 180 150 Dice Rolls
10 200 15 Peg-E Tokens
11 250 Sticker Pack (3-star x3)
12 225 175 Dice Rolls
13 275 20 Peg-E Tokens
14 300 Sticker Pack (4-star x4)
15 400 275 Dice Rolls
16 375 Cash
17 425 30 Peg-E Tokens
18 500 Cash
19 600 400 Dice Rolls
20 650 Rent Frenzy 25 Minutes
21 550 Sticker Pack (4-star x4)
22 700 50 Peg-E Tokens
23 800 Cash
24 1,000 675 Dice Rolls
25 900 Cash
26 1,300 100 Peg-E Tokens
27 1,500 Cash
28 1,600 Cash Grab 15 Minutes
29 1,800 Cash
30 2,000 1,300 Dice Rolls

How to Gain Points For Twist to the Top in Monopoly GO

There are multiple ways to earn lots of points for the “Twist to the Top” event in Monopoly GO. One way is to participate in different daily or weekly tournaments and aim to land on the Railroad tile. Doing this while you have a dice multiplier will give you many points towards different milestones.

Another method is by playing the game regularly, rolling the dice and landing on various tiles. Completing your Quick Wins and opening Community Chest could also get you some event points.

So that’s all about Twist To The Top Events in Monopoly Go Game but wait not about No idea which is that well don’t worry With the help of this article you can know everything related to this twist to the top event of monopoly go game I hope so these tips was helpful for you in buying more houses For extra qualification view more content like this one on other pages of our website where there are also some strategies mentioned around here !!