Monopoly GO: All Martian Core Quest Rewards and Milestones

Another day brings another tournament, as Scopely continuously introduces new tournaments and events. Today’s solo event is called the “Martian Core Quest.” Participating in this event offers numerous rewards, including Cash, Sticker Packs, 14,605 free Dice Rolls, and 249 Pickaxe tokens for the Martian Treasures dig mini-game, which will run for two more days.

In-game boosts such as Cash Grab, Cash Boost, and High Roller will also be available to unlock. The “Martian Core Quest” event starts on June 8 and lasts for 48 hours. This article will detail all the rewards and milestones for the event and provide tips and tricks to maximize your points.

Monopoly GO: ‘Martian Core Quest’ Rewards and Milestones

Like other solo events in Monopoly GO, the ‘Martian Core Quest’ requires you to earn points to unlock rewards at different stages. Achieving the final milestone grants you up to 14,605 free Dice Rolls and 249 Pickaxe tokens. This event will run for 2 days starting on June 8, with 49 tiers of rewards. Below is the complete list of rewards and milestones for the ‘Martian Core Quest’ tournament in Monopoly GO.

MilestonePointsMartian Core Quest Rewards
153 Pickaxe Tokens
21020x Dice Rolls
410Sticker Pack 1-Star (x2)
55585x Dice Rolls
6154 Pickaxe Tokens
7205 Minutes Cash Boost
820Sticker Pack 1-Star (x2)
9255 Pickaxe Tokens
10150200x Dice Rolls
12356 Pickaxe Tokens
1335Sticker Pack 1-Star (x2)
14408 Pickaxe Tokens
15300350x Dice Rolls
174510 Minutes Cash Grab
1850Sticker Pack 2-Star (x3)
195510 Pickaxe Tokens
20700600x Dice Rolls
2270Sticker Pack 3-Star (x3)
238016 Pickaxe Tokens
251,2501,000x Dice Rolls
2712010 Minutes High Roller
2813022 Pickaxe Tokens
29150100x Dice Rolls
3122525 Pickaxe Tokens
32400Sticker Pack 4-Star (x4)
33350200x Dice Rolls
351,8001,500x Dice Rolls
3650030 Pickaxe Tokens
37600Sticker Pack 4-Star (x4)
3870010 Minutes Cash Boost
3980035 Pickaxe Tokens
403,2002,400x Dice Rolls
41900Sticker Pack 5-Star (x6)
421,00040 Pickaxe Tokens
431,200750x Dice Rolls
451,300900x Dice Rolls
471,500Sticker Pack 5-Star (x6)
481,60045 Pickaxe Tokens
497,5006,500x Dice Rolls
Listed Above are all rewards and milestones you can get from Monopoly go Martian core quest event.

How to Earn Points in Martian Core Quest in Monopoly GO

In the Railroad Rally event in Monopoly GO!, points can be earned through four methods. You must land on one of the four corner tiles: The Beginning of the Board (GO->), ‘Just Visiting’ in Jail, Free Parking, or the ‘Go to Jail’ Tile. Boosting your Dice multiplier before landing on these tiles will notably increase the points you can collect.

Wrapping up our guide to the Monopoly GO: Martian Core Quest solo event. Utilizing these tips and strategies can help you amass a considerable number of free Dice rolls, propelling you towards becoming the wealthiest player in the game. If you found this guide useful, be sure to explore our Latest Free Dice Rolls in Monopoly GO and Today’s Event Schedule.