Monopoly Go: All Grease & Glory Rewards And Milestones Lists

MONOPOLY GO!, a casual game developed by Scopely that can be described as a modern twist on the classic Monopoly board game, offers many different events and tournaments allowing players to earn additional free Dice Rolls which can then be used for availing more freebies throughout the map to move ahead in their quest for becoming real estate tycoons. However, this time round brings something special with it – The Grease & Glory Tournament is now live where participants are required to complete specific milestones while playing in order get some pretty awesome rewards like extra rolls or cash!

New to MONOPOLY GO!? Make sure you read our latest Monopoly Beginner’s Guide which is full of simple tips that will help kick start your game. Also, don’t forget about adding friends who also have this amazing app installed on their devices – maybe they know some interesting tricks too. Along the way look out for any redeem codes published by developers themselves (or even better: completely free dice rolls!) And if anything goes wrong during gameplay just refer to Customer Service where everything should be sorted out most quickly possible.

Grease & Glory Tournament

This tournament commenced at 12:00 am on June 14th 2024 and will only run for twenty-four hours. Participants must land on Railway Stations during gameplay so as to earn tokens associated with this event but more interestingly there are two ways through which one can earn them; playing Bank Heist or Shutdown mini games. Note that you need utilize multiplier while collecting these items since it helps in acquiring additional ones.

Bank Heist has been quite monotonous lately with only a few tweaks here and there when it comes down to such competitions I must say truthfully. To illustrate my point; Small heist awards 4 tokens while Large heist gives 6 tokens but if unfortunately player goes bankrupt then he/she gets 8 tokens instead. Conversely Blocked shutdown awards 2 tokens whereas Successful shutdown grants 4 tokens.

MONOPOLY GO Grease & Glory Tournament Leaderboard Rewards

Below is the analysis of the rewards that are available for the competition, though I think this may change at any time. So, when the event is live check the rewards section.

Rank Rewards
1 1500 Dice Rolls, Four-Star Sticker Pack, Emoji, Cash Prize
2 800 Dice Rolls, Four-Star Sticker Pack, Emoji, Cash Prize
3 600 Dice Rolls, Four-Star Sticker Pack, Emoji, Cash Prize
4 500 Dice Rolls, Three-Star Sticker Pack, Emoji, Cash Prize
5 400 Dice Rolls, Three-Star Sticker Pack, Emoji, Cash Prize
6 350 Dice Rolls, Two-Star Sticker Pack, Emoji, Cash Prize
7 300 Dice Rolls, Two-Star Sticker Pack, Emoji, Cash Prize
8 250 Dice Rolls, Two-Star Sticker Pack, Emoji, Cash Prize
9-10 200 Dice Rolls, Two-Star Sticker Pack, Emoji, Cash Prize
11-15 50 Dice Rolls, Cash Prize, Emoji
16-50 Cash Prize

MONOPOLY GO Grease & Glory: Milestones and Rewards

The Grease & Glory tournament will have 30 Milestones with 4140 dice rolls and approximately 130 Pickaxe tokens up for grabs, this includes one huge milestone towards the end which dishes out 1800 dice rolls if you manage to hit 5500 points on the 30th milestone. Also, we have tokens to collect while Tycoon Racers event is ongoing!

Milestones Tokens/Points Rewards Earned
1 50 60 Race Tokens
2 40 45 Dice Rolls
3 80 100 Race Tokens
4 120 Sticker Pack
5 140 160 Race Tokens
6 150 120 Dice Rolls
7 130 160 Race Tokens
8 160 5 minutes High Roller
9 180 180 Race Tokens
10 200 150 Dice Rolls
11 250 Sticker Pack
12 225 175 Dice Rolls
13 275 300 Race Tokens
14 300 Sticker Pack
15 400 Cash Prize
16 375 300 Dice Rolls
17 425 320 Race Tokens
18 500 Sticker Pack
19 600 400 Dice Rolls
20 650 320 Race Tokens
21 550 Sticker Pack
22 700 20 minutes Mega Heist
23 800 Cash Prize
24 1000 700 Dice Rolls
25 900 340 Race Tokens
26 1300 Cash Prize
27 1500 850 Dice Rolls
28 1700 Cash Prize
29 2000 380 Race Tokens
30 2200 1,400 Dice Rolls

How To Earn More Points On Grease And Glory: Monopoly Go

The new “Grease & Glory Tournament” event is a bit different than usual, with the bonuses being based around the Community Chest, Chance, and Railroad tiles. If you want to earn as many points as possible during this event, you are going to want to land on these tiles as frequently as you can. Participating in other events and tournaments will also provide you with extra Dice, which will give you more opportunities to land on the tiles.

The Railroad tile is going to be the most efficient, as the Shutdown and Bank Heist events provide a significant amount of points towards the event. If you want to go even further, make sure to increase your dice multiplier before attempting to land on these tiles, as it will boost your potential gains if you are lucky enough.

That is everything you need to know about the rewards and milestones in the new “Grease & Glory Tournament” event in Monopoly GO! With these tips and tricks, you are going to be able to earn a ton of different rewards before the event ends on June 12th. For more Monopoly GO news and guides, make sure to check out the rest of our website!