Monopoly Go: All Rover Rally Rewards And Milestones Lists

Another day brings another tournament. Scopely introduces new tournaments and events almost daily. Today’s leaderboard tournament is called ‘Rover Rally.’ Participating in this event can earn you many rewards, such as Cash, Sticker Packs, 4,000 free Dice Rolls, and 99 Pickaxe tokens for the Martian Treasures dig mini-game, which also starts today.

Various in-game boosts will also be available to unlock, including High Roller, Rent Frenzy, Cash Grab, and Mega Heist. The ‘Rover Rally’ event will be available for only 24 hours, starting on June 6. In this article, we will cover all the rewards and milestones for the ‘Rover Rally’ event and provide some tips and tricks on how to maximize your points earned.

Monopoly GO: ‘Rover Rally’ Rewards and Milestones

Similar to other leaderboard tournaments in Monopoly GO, in the ‘Rover Rally,’ you will need to accumulate enough points to unlock various rewards at different milestones. Reaching the final milestone will earn you up to 4,000 free Dice Rolls and 99 Pickaxe tokens. The ‘Rover Rally’ leaderboard event will last for 1 day, starting on June 6, and it will feature 30 different tiers of rewards. Below is the full list of rewards and milestones for the ‘Rover Rally’ tournament in Monopoly GO.

MilestonePointsRover Rally Rewards
130Sticker Pack (1 Stars x2)
2604 Pickaxe tokens
4100100 Dice Rolls
51405 Pickaxe tokens
6175High Roller 5 Minutes 
71407 Pickaxe tokens
8180200 Dice Rolls
91908 Pickaxe tokens
10200Sticker Pack (2-Stars x3)
1122010 Pickaxe tokens
12230Mega Heist 20 Minutes
13240Sticker Pack (3-Stars x3)
15400420 Dice Rolls
1637515 Pickaxe tokens
17425Sticker Pack (4-Stars x4)
19600650 Dice Rolls
20650Rent Frenzy 25 Minutes
2155020 Pickaxe tokens
238001,000 Dice Rolls
241,00030 Pickaxe tokens
261,300Sticker Pack (4-Stars x4)
281,600Cash Grab 15 Minutes
302,0001,800 Dice Rolls
Listed Above are all rewards and milestones you can get from Monopoly Go Rover Rally Event.

How to Earn Points in Rover Rally in Monopoly GO

The primary method to earn points in this tournament is by landing on railroad tiles. Rewards depend on your performance in successful Shutdowns and the rewards you get from Bank Heists. The greater your multiplier, the more substantial the rewards. It’s important to have a high multiplier, especially when you’re near a railroad tile or a chance tile. This is particularly crucial if you haven’t received the ‘Send to a Railroad’ in the last three cards.

And that concludes our guide on the Monopoly GO: ‘Rover Rally’ event. By applying these tips and strategies, you can accumulate a significant number of free Dice rolls, propelling you toward becoming the wealthiest player in the game. If this guide has been helpful, check out our Latest Free Dice Rolls in Monopoly GO and Today’s Event Schedule.

Is Playing the Rover Rally in Monopoly GO Worth It?

Yes, participating in the Rover Rally event in Monopoly GO is definitely worth it. This event offers numerous rewards, including 4,000 free Dice Rolls and 99 Pickaxe tokens, which are highly beneficial for progressing in the game. Additionally, the opportunity to unlock various in-game boosts, such as High Roller and Rent Frenzy, can significantly enhance your gameplay experience and earnings.

How to Play Rover Rally in Monopoly GO

To play the Rover Rally event in Monopoly GO, focus on landing on railroad tiles to earn points. Successful Shutdowns and Bank Heists contribute to your points, with higher multipliers resulting in more substantial rewards. Strategically use your multiplier when near railroad or chance tiles, especially if you haven’t drawn the ‘Send to a Railroad’ card in a while.

When Does the Rover Rally End in Monopoly GO?

The Rover Rally event starts on June 6th at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET / 7 PM BST and runs until June 7th at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET / 7 PM BST, giving players a full 24 hours to participate and earn rewards. This timing also provides another opportunity to collect Pickaxes for the Martian Treasures dig event that started at 9 AM ET on June 6th.