Monopoly Go: All Fortune Footrace Rewards & Milestones

The highly anticipated Fortune Footrace event in Monopoly GO kicks off on June 21, 2024, at 00:15:00. This exciting event offers players a unique opportunity to earn a plethora of rewards as they race to accumulate points. Whether you’re a seasoned Monopoly GO player or new to the game, the Fortune Footrace promises to add a thrilling competitive edge to your gameplay.

Participants can look forward to a diverse array of rewards, including sticker packs, dice rolls, cash, and auto-collect bonuses. As you progress through the event, the rewards become increasingly valuable, making every milestone a significant achievement. With only two days to participate, players must strategize and maximize their efforts to reap the most benefits from this limited-time event.

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Monopoly GO All Fortune Footrace Rewards and Milestones

In the Fortune Footrace, players earn points by completing various in-game tasks and milestones. The points accumulated unlock a series of rewards that enhance the Monopoly GO experience. The rewards range from essential items like free dice rolls and cash to exclusive sticker packs and auto-collect bonuses, which can give players a significant edge in their gameplay.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the rewards and milestones in the Fortune Footrace event:

Milestones Points Fortune Footrace Rewards
1 5 Sticker Pack (1 Star x 2)
2 10 30 Dice
3 15 Cash
4 60 75 Dice
5 20 Sticker Pack (1 Star x 3)
6 20 15 Minutes of Mega Heist
7 5 60 Dice
8 30 Sticker Pack (2 Stars x 3)
9 200 250 Dice
10 30 Cash
11 35 Sticker Pack (2 Stars x 3)
12 40 Cash
13 400 450 Dice
14 60 25 Minutes of Mega Heist
15 70 Sticker Pack (2 Stars x 3)
16 300 Cash
17 550 650 Dice
18 70 5 Minutes of Auto-Collect
19 80 Sticker Pack (3 Stars x 3)
20 100 Cash
21 1200 1,000 Dice
22 120 10 Minutes of High Roller
23 130 Cash
24 150 500 Dice
25 600 10 Minutes of Cash grab
26 200 Sticker Pack (4 Stars x 4)
27 300 1,600 Dice
28 1,800 Sticker Pack (4 Stars x 4)
29 400 Cash
30 500 700 Dice
31 900 1,800 Dice
32 800 Cash
33 2300 1,800 Dice
34 1600 Sticker Pack (5 Stars x 4)
35 800 Cash
36 1000 2,000 Dice
37 2,600 Sticker Pack (5 Stars x 4)
38 1000 Cash
39 3200 2,500 Dice
40 2200 Sticker Pack (5 Stars x 4)
41 3,500 Cash
42 1000 10 Minutes of Cash grab
43 1,500 Sticker Pack (5 Stars x 4)
44 5,500 8,000 Dice

How to Get More Points on Fortune Footrace

To maximize your points in the Fortune Footrace, players should focus on completing as many in-game tasks and challenges as possible. Here are some tips to help you accumulate points quickly:

  1. Daily Missions: Ensure you complete all daily missions, as they provide a substantial number of points.
  2. Event-Specific Tasks: Pay attention to tasks specific to the Fortune Footrace event, as these are designed to reward you with higher points.
  3. Use Dice Wisely: Strategically use your dice to progress through the game boards, unlocking rewards and points efficiently.
  4. Auto-Collect Bonuses: Utilize the auto-collect bonuses to gather resources automatically, saving time and effort.
  5. Participate Regularly: Log in and play frequently during the event period to make the most of available opportunities for earning points.

Is Playing the Fortune Footrace in Monopoly GO Worth It?

Absolutely! Participating in the Fortune Footrace is worth it for Monopoly GO players. The event offers a wide range of rewards that can significantly boost your progress in the game. From valuable dice to exclusive sticker packs and cash, the rewards can enhance your gameplay experience and provide you with a competitive edge.

How to Play Fortune Footrace in Monopoly GO

To participate in the Fortune Footrace, players need to engage in various in-game activities that earn points. These activities include completing missions, rolling dice, and collecting resources. The points accumulated will unlock different tiers of rewards. Make sure to check the event-specific tasks regularly and focus on maximizing your points to climb the leaderboard and earn the best rewards.

When Does the Fortune Footrace End in Monopoly GO?

The Fortune Footrace event in Monopoly GO ends two days after its start, giving players a limited window to participate and earn rewards. Given the start time of June 21, 2024, at 00:15:00, the event will conclude on June 23, 2024, at 00:15:00. Ensure you make the most of this time to maximize your points and claim the top rewards.

By following these tips and participating actively, you can make the most of the Fortune Footrace event and enjoy the exciting rewards it has to offer in Monopoly GO.