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Free Monopoly Go Dice Links (12th February 2024)

January 2024's Exclusive Free Dice Links for Monopoly Go

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Free Monopoly Go Dice Links (January 2024): Monopoly Go brings a fresh perspective to the globally cherished classic board game. Available as a free-to-play app on both Android and iOS platforms, it skillfully blends the timeless appeal of the nearly century-old game with contemporary features. Players can enjoy collecting properties, constructing houses, and crossing the iconic ‘Go’ square, all while engaging in online multiplayer battles and various mini-games.

Working Free Monopoly Go Dice Links (January 2024)

What Are Dice Rolls Links In Monopoly Go?

free dice rolls links monopoly go

A pivotal aspect of Monopoly Go is the use of Dice Rolls, a vital in-game currency. Each movement across the game’s digital board necessitates the expenditure of a Dice Roll. Players can acquire more Dice Rolls by logging in daily, advancing in the game, or inviting friends to join, which yields rewards.

For those looking to boost their Dice Roll count, the option to purchase more with real money exists. However, a budget-friendly alternative involves utilizing Monopoly Go Dice Links. These links, regularly posted on the game’s official Instagram and Facebook pages, allow players to claim free Dice Rolls.

How To Redeem Monopoly Go Dice Links

Claiming your Monopoly Go Free Dice is straightforward but requires that you first attain level 15 and unlock the ‘Album’ feature. Upon reaching this milestone, redeeming Dice Links becomes possible.

Here are the steps to redeem your dice links:

  1. Reach Level 15 in Monopoly Go: Before you can use the Dice Links, you need to play Monopoly Go and reach level 15.
  2. Unlock the ‘Album’ Feature: After reaching level 15, ensure that the ‘Album’ feature within the game is unlocked. This is a prerequisite for redeeming Dice Links.
  3. Find a Free Dice Link: Locate a Free Monopoly Go Dice Link. These can usually be found on the game’s official social media pages or through promotional emails.
  4. Tap on the Dice Link: On your device where Monopoly Go is installed, tap on the Free Dice Link. This will take you out of the game and into your web browser.
  5. Redirect to Webpage: The link will redirect you to a specific webpage associated with the Monopoly Go game.
  6. Prompt to Open in Monopoly Go: On the webpage, you will receive a prompt asking if you want to open the link in Monopoly Go. Confirm this action.
  7. Launch the Monopoly Go App: Upon confirming, the Monopoly Go app will automatically launch on your device.
  8. Receive Notification for Free Dice Rolls: If the Dice Link is active and valid, you will receive an in-game notification confirming the addition of your new free dice rolls.

Remember, the availability and functionality of Dice Links can vary, and it’s essential to use only links from trusted and official sources to ensure the safety and security of your game and device.

How To Get More Dice Rolls On Monopoly Go

Monopoly Go offers multiple avenues to gain extra dice rolls without using dice links. Players can earn rolls by engaging in the game, such as achieving new levels, completing boards, and progressing through events. Additional rolls are awarded for completing sticker albums or by spinning the wheel upon completing a property color set.

Regular players benefit from the Free Gift login bonus, claimable every eight hours, and can earn more dice by accomplishing objectives in Quick Wins or by linking their Monopoly Go profile to Facebook or their phone’s contact list.

Monopoly Go Dice Links Not Working For You?

claimed already

Sometimes, clicking on a dice link may not yield the expected result, especially on Android devices. If the link doesn’t prompt the ‘open in another app’ option and opens in a new browser tab instead, try refreshing the page or clicking the link again to trigger the prompt. If these steps don’t resolve the issue, open the Monopoly Go app in the background and attempt to access the link again, which may activate the desired response.

FAQs: Free Monopoly Go Dice Links

What are Free Monopoly Go Dice Links?

Free Monopoly Go Dice Links are special URLs shared by the game's developers on official social media platforms or through promotional campaigns. When clicked, these links grant players free dice rolls in the Monopoly Go game, providing an opportunity to advance in the game without needing to purchase additional rolls.

Where can I find the latest Free Monopoly Go Dice Links?

The latest Free Monopoly Go Dice Links are typically posted on the official Monopoly Go social media pages, such as Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, they may be found on the game's official website or through newsletters for registered users.

How do I use Free Monopoly Go Dice Links?

To use a Free Monopoly Go Dice Link, click on the link from the device where you have Monopoly Go installed. This will redirect you to a webpage where you'll be prompted to open the link in the Monopoly Go app, crediting you with free dice rolls if the link is active.

Are there any requirements to use Free Monopoly Go Dice Links?

Some Free Monopoly Go Dice Links may have specific requirements, such as reaching a certain level in the game or having a particular feature unlocked, like the 'Album' feature. Always check any prerequisites mentioned with the dice link for successful redemption.

Is it safe to use Free Monopoly Go Dice Links?

Yes, it is safe to use Free Monopoly Go Dice Links provided they are obtained from official and reputable sources. Always ensure you are clicking on links shared through official Monopoly Go channels to avoid any security risks or scams.

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