Monopoly Go: All Parade Partners Event Rewards And Milestones

Monopoly Go: All Parade Partners Event Rewards And Milestones: Players have been eagerly anticipating the next partners event in Monopoly GO, and the wait is now over. The new event, titled ‘Parade Partners,’ is set to kick off on April 26th, marking an unusual occurrence as it is the second partners event in a single month. Much like previous events, such as Fountain Partners, ‘Parade Partners’ promises a dynamic and rewarding experience. Participants can look forward to a variety of free rewards, including Dice Rolls, Cash, Sticker Packs, and the new Grand Marshal M token. However, it’s worth noting that there will be no Wild Sticker included in the rewards. This article will cover everything you need to know about the ‘Parade Partners’ event, from the rewards and milestones to strategies for maximizing your earnings.

Monopoly GO Parade Partners Event Overview

The ‘Parade Partners’ event in Monopoly GO requires you to collaborate with four other players, creating four partnerships to construct various attractions. You and your team will accumulate points by spinning an event-specific wheel with Drum Tokens obtained for the event. These tokens can be earned through several methods: by landing on designated spaces on the board, achieving milestones in the main events and tournaments, or via Quick Wins and complimentary gifts in the Shop.

Monopoly GO Parade Partners Event Milestones and Rewards

Similar to past events, the ‘Parade Partners’ event in Monopoly GO includes five reward levels in each partnership, culminating in a Grand Prize for teams that complete all levels. Below is the detailed breakdown of the rewards and milestones for the new ‘Parade Partners’ event.

Please be aware that the rewards for upcoming events might vary at the time of launch. We will promptly update this article with the most current information once it becomes available.

grand prize

Milestone Points ‘Parade Partners’ Rewards
1 2,500 200 Dice Rolls
2 8,500 Cash
3 21,500 200-300 Dice Rolls, Cash
4 48,000 300-500 Dice Rolls, 3-Star Red Sticker Pack, High Roller
5 80,000 400-600 Dice Rolls, Cash, 4-Star Blue Sticker Pack, Cash Boost
Grand Prize 320,000 5,000 Dice Rolls, 5-Star Purple Sticker Pack, and Grand Marshal M board token

Finding Partners in Monopoly GO

There are three primary methods to find partners for playing Monopoly GO:

  1. In-game suggestions: The game automatically suggests potential partners.
  2. Online Communities: Joining online communities, such as the Monopoly GO Discord server, can connect you with dedicated partners. This method is generally more reliable because players you meet online are usually intent on completing the event successfully.
  3. Invite Friends & Family: The game is easier to navigate if you invite friends and family who are already familiar with it, as opposed to looking for random players.

Strategies and Tips for the ‘Parade Partners’ Event in Monopoly GO

As you dive into the ‘Parade Partners’ event, handle your tokens judiciously. Accumulate a substantial number before using them to spin the wheel, particularly if aiming for the high roller bonus. Without a sufficient stash of tokens, achieving milestones can be challenging unless fortune is on your side. Partnering with dependable players from previous events can greatly enhance your prospects of reaching milestones and claiming the rewards.

This concludes our guide to the ‘Parade Partners’ event in Monopoly GO. Ensure you team up with committed players who are actively participating, rather than those just looking for free rewards. If you found this guide useful, be sure to check out our updates on the Latest Free Dice Rolls in Monopoly GO and Today’s Event Schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are parade partners in Monopoly GO?

In Monopoly GO, parade partners refer to collaborations with other brands or companies during special events or promotions. These partners may contribute unique content, such as special tokens, properties, or themed events that enhance the gameplay experience for a limited time.

How can I participate in Monopoly GO events?

To participate in Monopoly GO events, players typically need to update their game to the latest version and then access the events through the game’s main menu. Events can vary from special competitions to temporary changes in game rules, offering fresh challenges and rewards.

What types of rewards can participants expect from Monopoly GO events?

Participants in Monopoly GO events can earn a variety of rewards, including exclusive tokens, additional in-game currency, or unique property cards. Rewards often correspond to the player's performance in the event or completion of specific challenges during the event.

What are milestones in Monopoly GO, and how are they achieved?

Milestones in Monopoly GO are specific achievements or goals that players aim to reach as they play. These can include reaching a certain amount of money, owning a set number of properties, or winning a specific number of games. Achieving these milestones often unlocks new features or rewards in the game.

How often do Monopoly GO parade events occur?

The frequency of parade events in Monopoly GO can vary, but they are often tied to real-world events, holidays, or promotions. Players should keep an eye on the game’s announcements or subscribe to updates to stay informed about upcoming events and start dates.

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