Monopoly Go Treasures Event Explained – Schedule And Next Event

It’s been a while since the last Martian Treasures event in Monopoly Go on June 6. If you’re curious about future dates, here’s what you need to know.

The Treasure Hunt is among the top three events for Monopoly Go players, along with the Peg-E Prize Drop and Partner Event. They might not have set dates, but there is a regular time frame or tempo that gives us an idea of when we may anticipate the forthcoming event.

Next Treasures Dig Event Start & End Dates in Monopoly Go

The next Treasures Event in Monopoly Go will start on July 4, 2024, and end on July 8. This event will be a re-run of the Sunset Treasures Dig. Here are the specific start and end times:

  • Start time: July 4 at 8 AM CDT / 9 AM EDT / 6 AM PDT / 2 PM BST
  • End time: July 8 at 2:59 PM CDT / 3:59 PM EDT / 12:59 PM PDT / 8:59 PM BST

There were rumors of a new theme called Dino Treasures, but it seems plans have changed.

Although Treasures Events don’t have a fixed schedule, they typically occur about a month after the last one, sometimes even twice a month. With the last event on June 6 and the next one on July 4, this pattern holds true. This suggests the following event could be in late July or early August, possibly featuring the Dino Treasures event.

Past Treasures Events

Here are some of the past Monopoly Go Treasure Events in 2024:

Event Start Date End Date
Martian Treasures June 6 June 10
Sunken Treasures May 23 May 26
Nocturnal Treasures May 3 May 7
Anniversary Treasures April 16 April 21
Spring Treasures March 30 April 3
Sunset Treasures March 18 March 22
Galactic Treasures February 23 February 28
Jungle Treasures January 22 January 26

What is the Treasures Event in Monopoly Go?

In Monopoly Go Treasures Events, you “dig” for treasure using Pickaxe Tokens (also known as Shovels or Laser Guns). There are various grids, and when you hit them with enough pickaxes, a treasure is revealed. The more treasures you collect, the more rewards you earn.

You collect Tokens in the same way as other events like Partners—through Quick Wins, events, tournaments, and by landing on tiles.

What Happens to Leftover Pickaxes in Sunset Treasures?

Any Pickaxe Tokens not used during the event are converted to Dice Rolls. They do not carry over. This is similar to Partners, where leftover tokens are converted to cash.

That’s everything about the Treasure Event in Monopoly Go. Check out our daily events article to know which Solo and Leaderboard events will be featured alongside the Treasures Event, and get your dice ready with daily dice links.