Monopoly Go: Ice cream Partners Coming July 10, 2024

Just a few days after the Sunset Treasures event wraps up, we have a new event coming our way: Ice Cream Partners. Starting on July 10th, this partners event will be a perfect mid-July treat.

For those who are new to the game, Partner Events are exclusive to players who have reached Board 5 or higher. These events promote teamwork, where participants collaborate to build attractions and earn fantastic rewards. You’ll use Event tokens (similar to macarons from past Baking Events) to spin a special wheel, helping progress a shared goal. These tokens are collected through regular gameplay and are crucial for your active participation.

Monopoly Go Ice cream Partners Event Rewards

Let’s explore each tier and its prizes. It appears that the tiers and prizes remain consistent with the previous event, except for the grand prize, which now includes a new token.

Points Reward
2,500 Dice Rolls x200
6,000 Cash
13,000 Cash, 200-300 Dice
26,500 5 Star Sticker Pack, 300-500 Dice Rolls, High Roller
32,000 Sticker Boom, Cash, 4 Star Sticker Pack, 400-600 Dice

The most exciting part of a partner event is always the grand prize. Just like the last event, you’ll receive 5,000 dice rolls, a 5 Star Sticker pack, and the new Ice Cream Truck token!