Monopoly Go Tycoon Racers: How to Get More Medals During This Event?

How to Get More Medals in tycoon racers: The Monopoly Go Tycoon Racers event is an exhilarating team-based racing championship that perfectly blends cooperation and competition. To maximize your medal count and secure the grand prize, it’s crucial to understand the event’s phases, strategies, and reward system. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you and your team dominate the Tycoon Racers championship.

Tycoon Racers Championship Phases

Team-up Phase

  • Build Your Team: Form a team of four racers to compete for the grand prize. If you’re unable to find a team, you’ll be automatically assigned to one when the races begin. Keep in mind that joining late may reduce your grand prize rewards.
  • Strategize: Communicate with your team members to plan your racing strategies. Coordination and cooperation are key to maximizing your medal count.

Matchmaking Phase

  • Fair Competition: Teams are matched based on skill level to ensure fair competition. This balanced matchmaking system gives every team an equal chance to compete for medals and rewards.

Race Phase

  • Daily Races: Each day brings a new race. Your team earns medals based on your finish position. Utilize the dice popper and multipliers to boost your score, and aim for special bonuses by hitting doubles or triples.
  • Collect Flags: Gather Flags through Quick Wins, free gifts, tournaments, milestones, and board pickups. Flags are essential for progressing in races and earning medals.
  • Lap Completion Rewards: After completing certain laps, all team members choose a prize. The final race of the event offers DOUBLE MEDALS, so give it your all!

Final Rewards:

The team with the most medals at the end wins a grand prize, which includes a Wild Sticker, a Tycoon Racer Token, and 3,500 dice rolls. Gather your friends, rev your engines, and aim for victory in the Tycoon Racers championship!

Strategies for Earning More Medals

  1. Optimize Dice Usage: Use your dice strategically. Aim for multipliers and special bonuses by hitting doubles or triples. This can significantly boost your score and help you finish races in higher positions.
  2. Flag Collection: Actively collect Flags through various means like Quick Wins, free gifts, and tournaments. Flags are crucial for progressing in races and earning medals.
  3. Team Coordination: Communicate with your team members. Share tips, plan strategies, and coordinate your efforts to ensure everyone is working towards the common goal of winning races and earning medals.
  4. Focus on Lap Milestones: Completing laps not only helps you progress in races but also earns you valuable rewards. Aim to complete as many laps as possible to maximize your rewards and medal count.
  5. Late Joiners: If you join the event late, don’t be discouraged. Focus on earning as many medals as possible and make the most of the remaining races.


With these strategies and an understanding of the event phases, you and your team can maximize your medal count and aim for the grand prize in the Monopoly Go Tycoon Racers event. Good luck and happy racing!

How to Get More Medals in tycoon racers: FAQs

How do we win the race?

Each position earns medals at the end of each race. The team with the most medals at the end of the event wins the grand prize!

How do lap completion rewards work?

Race around with your team to complete laps. As you progress, the challenges become tougher, but the rewards get bigger. Check the loot box to see how many laps are left to complete towards the next reward.

What can I get from the lap rewards?

You can choose one reward from options like dice, stickers, cash, flash events, or event currency. These rewards can give you an edge over other teams.

I did not receive my reward after completing a race

Race completion itself doesn’t yield rewards. Rewards are earned from lap milestones and medals at the end of each race.

Will the event currency convert when the event ends?

The event currency you obtain will be available throughout the event. Once the event ends, all remaining currency will be converted to Monopoly Cash.

I teamed up with someone I don’t know

If your team isn’t full during the "team up" stage, our matchmaking system will automatically match you with other players.

I want to change my team members

You can exit your team by clicking the red button on your Avatar during the "team up" stage. Once in the "Race phases," you can’t leave the team.

How does the scoring work?

Each race results in team medals, except for the last race where you can earn DOUBLE medals. Your overall competition ranking determines the Grand Prize rewards.

My team has only 3 players

It’s okay if your team has only 3 players. The team will still be matched with other teams of the same skill level.